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Pertronix Electronic Igintion
Module Installation Techinque

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Pertronix Ignitor Electronic
Ignition Conversion
ptrnx13.jpg (19550 bytes) 13.) Be sure the rubber insulator that is on the wire leads is installed in the distributor housing. The wires inside the housing should have some slack but should not rub on anything inside the cap. They will slip through the rubber insulator for adjustment.

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14.) Install the rotor and cap.

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15.) Connect the Black wire from the Petronix module to the negative (-) side of the coil. Connect the Red wire from the Petronix module and the ignition wire to the positive (+) side of the coil. CAUTION: Do not reverse these wires as it will destroy the module and void the warranty! Use the nuts provided and tighten them with the 3\8" wrench. Your Petronix is now installed. Reconnect your battery, and your car is now ready to start. No adjustment of the timing is necessary!

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16.) We hope you've found this How To Install A Petronix Article informative and useful. Need a Petronix for your tow vechicle or another manufacturer other than Ford? Mustangs Plus stocks Petronix for almost every American made car from the 1950's to present. Be sure to call or e-mail us with your needs!

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