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Pertronix Electronic Igintion
Module Installation Techinque

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Pertronix Ignitor Electronic
Ignition Conversion
ptrnx09.jpg (11450 bytes)      9.) This shows our Petronix module after we shortened the wiring. Notice how much we took off!

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

     10.) Set the Petronix unit in the distributor. There is a locating pin on the end of the Petronix module furthest away from the lead wires. This locating pin acts as a pivot for the unit to be moved closer or further away from the magnet sleeve. Make sure the pin is in the locating hole then, with the screwdriver, install the screw to hold the unit in place.

ptrnx10.jpg (17411 bytes)

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

ptrnx11.jpg (18187 bytes)

     11.) Drop the magnet sleeve over the distributor shaft lobes and push it down. It will fit snugly over the lobes and bottom out.

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

     12.) Using the plastic air gap gauge as a feeler gauge, set the gap between the magnet sleeve and the Petronix module. Don't worry about getting it perfect. This measurement is not as important as a point gap setting. Just get it in the ballpark and it will be fine.

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