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Pertronix Electronic Igintion
Module Installation Techinque

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Pertronix Ignitor Electronic
Ignition Conversion
     When we tell our customers how easy it is to install a Pertronix Ignitor on their Mustang, they usually get a blank stare on their face as if to say "It can't be that easy!"   Well, it is and we're going to prove it to you!

     Follow along as we install a Petronix Ignitor on Mustangs Plus' Dan Jenkins' newly acquired project car, a 64½ coupe. Built at San Jose on July 20th, it's equipped with a "D" code 289 engine.

     Dan wanted to get it running its best before deciding which restoration job to tackle first. So installing a Petronix Ignitor was a natural!

     Dan's new pony is a great daily driver, but it has a lot of little problems that need to be corrected. We know we'll be seeing a lot of it on Tech Night! Dan's already talking about door hinges.............

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

ptrnx01.jpg (19464 bytes) 1.) The Petronix Ignitor we'll use is a #04581 which fits all 1965 to 1973 V8 Mustangs. Included in the kit is the Petronix module, the magnet sleeve, 2 nuts, a wire end, and an air gap gauge. Everything you'll need to do the job except for a flat blade screw driver, a 3\8" open end wrench, and a pair of wire cutters.

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

2.) Make sure the ignition is off and the battery is disconnected. Remove the distributor cap and rotor leaving the spark plug wires attached.

ptrnx02.jpg (18390 bytes)

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

ptrnx03.jpg (17401 bytes)

3.) Remove the primary lead (the wire to the distributor) from the negative (-) side of the coil.

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

4 .) With the screwdriver, remove the screws holding the points and condenser. ptrnx04.jpg (16245 bytes)

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