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Summer 2009
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9.) Be sure to secure the brake calipers so that they can not pull on the brake line. We do this by using a zip tie to keep the caliper and brake line safe while we work.

10.) With the brake caliper safely out of the way, remove the disc brake rotor.

11.) If your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, the net step is to remove the anti-lock brake sensor.

12.) Push the axle inwards.

13.) Looking into the rear of the differential, you can see that the end of the axle has moved towards the center of the hole into where the thrust block was.

14.) With the axle pushed in as far as it will go, reach in and pull out the axle retainer. It will be a large "C" clip. This clip is what locks the axles into the differential.

15.) With the axle retainer removed, you can pull the axle out of the axle tube.

16.) With the axle out of the way, the axle seal and axle bearing are both exposed.
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