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9.) You can now slip the metal frame bushing bracket onto the polyurethane bushing and you're ready to install it on the car.

10.) Remember that you left the bolts handing from the frame? Just slip the metal frame bracket over the threads of the bolt and...

11.) ...start the nuts on the bolts. Don't tighten them up just yet. If you do, you won't be able to get the end links on the sway bar ends!

12.) With both frame mounts attached but not tightened up, put the end links through the bottom of the lower control arm and put the bushings in order.

13.) Now for the tricky part. The bushings go between the lower control arm, then a washer and a spacer sleeve goes on, then another washer and bushing.

14.) The tricky part is to get everything together without dropping it! We did, twice in fact. So take your time and get it together in the right order...

15.) ...and install the final bushing, washer and the nut after putting the bolt through the end of the sway bar. Believe me, it's harder than it looks!

16.) Once the nuts on both of the sway bar end links have been started, go back and tighten up the frame bushings. Tighten them tight, but not too tight.
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