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1.) The original sway bar bushings and end links were completely worn out. Time to make this puppy, or rather, pony, handle better than new!

2.) After securing the car, in our case we used a lift, remove the end links. You'll need a 9/16" wrench and a 9/16" socket to get this done. Remove both sides.

3.) Here's how it will look when you're done. The frame mounts will hold the original sway bar to the car.

4.) Next, remove the frame mounts. Again, you'll need a 9/19" wrench and a 9/16" socket. The bolt heads can be seen from the top with the hood open.

5.) Leave the bolts hanging from the frames as you'll reuse them. Remove both sides and lay the original sway bar off to one side. Notice how thin it is!

6.) Your new Grab-A-Trak® Front Sway Bar Kit comes with polyurethane bushings. Notice the grease grooves that are on the inside of the bushings.

7.) Your new Grab-A-Trak® Front Sway Bar polyurethane bushings are split to slip on the sway bar. Grease them with the grease that comes in the kit and...

8.) ...slip them onto the sway bar as shown.
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