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If you have a T-5 trans in your classic Mustang, you've gotta see this!
By Ron Bramlett
    “Born out of necessity” is a phrase that really applies to this product. I installed my first late model T-5 transmission into a classic Mustang well over 10 years ago. With every installation I’ve done since, the process has been refined and improved to the point where there is no mystery or problems in doing it. Except in one area; the shifter handle. I have never been able to find a production based shifter handle that’s comfortable for me. Now, that’s a thing of the past.
   After trying several different shifter handles and making a couple myself, I figured that I would just have to continue to stretch forward to make the 2nd to 3rd shift in my Mustangs that were equipped with the T-5's. Installing a better shifter to the transmission like a Steeda Tri-Ax and the Hurst Competition Plus made a big difference as they cut down the travel. Still, I found myself having to lean forward to make the shift. The new Restomod® Speed Shift Remote Shifter Handle changes that for good! It sets the shifter handle 10" back on the tunnel from where the shifter comes through the floor making it very easy to reach. As an added bonus, since the transmission is now shifted so close to the floor, the distance you have to move the shifter to change gears is greatly reduced over having a handle sticking up out of the floor. Comfort and speed! What a combo!
    If you have a T-5 in your classic Mustang, the next time you make that 2nd to 3rd or 4th to 5th shift, check to see if you have to strain to do so. If you do, you may want to consider installing a Restomod® Speed Shift Remote Shifter Handle in your classic Mustang. By the time you receive this issue of Restomod Daze, we have them in stock and ready to ship. Each comes assembled at a price less than $200.00. Now here's how easy it is to install this hot new remote shifter handle!

1.) The Restomod® Speed Shift Remote Shifter Handle comes assembled and ready to install as shown, including the shifter knob.The major parts are as follows:

A. The shifter block
B. The
transfer rod
C. The
shifter handle
D. The
shifter handle bracket

2.) Our project car is Ol’ Blue, Ron Jr.’s 1966 coupe with the EFI 5.0 and T-5 transmission. We chose Ron Jr.’s Mustang because it had carpet in it, it’s very streetable, and with Ron’s long legs, he needs the benefits of the shifter! In this picture, George shows the difference between the two shifter handles by holding the new Restomod® Speed Shift Remote Shifter Handle in the area it will be installed.

3.) Remove the T-5 shifter handle, leaving the shifter boot on if you are going to use it. (We removed it to get better pictures and then put it back on for the final shot) This leaves the shifter handle arm from the T-5’s shifter sticking up out of the floor and boot. There are many different aftermarket shifters on the market today and everybody will not have the same one. So supplying mounting bolts becomes a problem. You may have to use your existing ones over again so don’t give them the old heave ho just yet!
(no image shown for this step)

4.) Bolt the shifter block to the shifter handle arm which is sticking up out of the transmission. You can bolt it to either side with no problem. To center the remote shifter handle in the floor, we bolted the prototype up to the passengers side of the shift handle arm. Also, because Ron’s car has the stock shifter on the transmission, we had to use the existing metric bolts, which were smaller in diameter than the 3/8” fine thread grade 8 bolts that are included in the kit. We simply made a couple of sleeves to go around the bolts and fit into the holes on the shifter block to keep them tight.

The photo shows the shifter block bolted to the shifter handle arm which can be seen sticking up out of the factory shifter. As you can see, the stock hole in the floor offers a lot of clearance.

5.) Now for the hardest part. This will be a lot easier if you don’t have the carpet in the car, but Ron’s Mustang does. Make sure the transfer rod is held straight so that it doesn’t bind when in use. Position the shifter handle straight up at 90 degrees. With a sharp awl, make a hole in the floor to position the shifter handle mount. If you’re working on the metal floor, mark all holes at once and center punch them.

Then drill a 1/4” hole in the floor. We had to be very careful since we were drilling through the carpet. The drill can grab a strand of carpet and pull a run in it. Our care and patience paid off and the carpet came through it alright. If you’re not hampered with the carpet, drill all four holes at the same time.

6.) Next drop a 1/4” grade 8 mounting bolt through the 5/16” hole in the shifter handle bracket and snug it up from under the car. Line the shifter handle bracket up straight with the transfer rod. Take the awl and make another hole in the floor and drill it out as before. Finish the other holes and you’re ready to bolt the shifter handle bracket to the floor. We are using 1/4” bolts in 5/16” holes so there can be a little adjustment after the holes are drilled. The added clearance will help you, especially if you’re mounting the shifter handle bracket on carpet, to be able to make sure it’s aligned straight with the transfer rod.

With a friends help, tighten all of the 4 mounting bolts equally on the shifter handle bracket. Check the shifting operation to make sure it’s smooth and doesn’t bind. Now, take it out for a drive and enjoy shifting those gears!


The Restomod® Remote Shifter is
only available for T-5 and Tremec
transmissions at this time.

This is installed on Ron Bramlett Jr's Ol' Blue track car too!

As you can see, the range of motion has been considerably been reduced for less arm fatigue.

Here's the remote shifter installed! Would you like one
for your Mustang? Just click on the advertisement at
the top of this column for an active link to our ordering
site with more detailed information and pricing.


George shows us just how far he has to lean forward
to make the 2nd to 3rd shift with the stock shifter
handle. Notice, his right shoulder is off the seat,
effecting steering, as well as shifting.

George makes the 2nd to 3rd shift without having to
move his right shoulder off the seat. This keeps his
body from twisting and moving the steering wheel
in the process. A happy camper at last!