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Pertronix Electronic Igintion
Module Installation Techinque

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Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition Conversion

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5.) Lift the points, condensor, and primary lead out as a unit. You may have to slide the rubber insulator on the primary lead up out of the distributor base. Sometimes they can be a little stuborn!

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6.) This is how your points, condensor, and primary lead should come out. There's no need to take all the pieces apart separately since they're all going in the trash!

ptrnx06.jpg (10552 bytes)

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

ptrnx07.jpg (20505 bytes)

7.) Remove the ignition wire from the positive (+) side of the coil. If it still has the original press on cap, you'll need to cut the cap off, strip about 1\4" of the wire covering off, and crimp on the wire end provided in the Petronix kit. It's best to solder the wire to the end so that it will not vibrate or pull loose later. Dan's had already been chaged by a previous owner.

igdividr.gif (3596 bytes)

8.) This next step is purely your choice. The wire leads on the Petronix unit are long because not all coils are the same distance from the distributor. We chose to measure the distance from the distributor to the coil and then cut the wire leads to shorten them. We then crimped new ends on and then soldered the ends to the wires.

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