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41.) Install the differential cover and tighten the bolts evenly in two or three passes. I like to let this dry in an hour or so before putting oil in.

42.) Reinstall the anti-lock brake sensor.

43.) Use a lug nut to hold the brake rotor straight while installing the brake caliper.

44.) Before installing the caliper, run a line of Loctite Red thread locker on the mounting bolts.

45.) With the brake caliper in place, start the mounting bolts and tighten them in place manually. Make sure the brake line isn't twisted or in position that will stress it.

46.) Torque the brake caliper mounting bolt to the specified foot pounds for your Mustang. If your Mustang is equipped with them, install the dust shields now.

47.) Locate and remove the fill hole plug in the front of the differential.

48.) Fill the differential with the correct amount of recommended oil and replace the fill hole plug. Be sure to use some thread tape or other sealer on the plugs threads.
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