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33.) With the axle bearing and axle seal properly lubricated, install the axle back into the axle tube. Be careful not to drag the axle over the edge of the seal.

34.) With the axle pushed in all the way, install the axle retaining clips and spread the axles out to create the space needed for the thrust block.

35.) Slide the thrust block into place.

36.) Here's a close up of the new bolt needed to hold the thrust block in place. Notice the thread locker on the bolt. If you use your old one over, be sure to use a thread locker on it.

37.) Align the holes up and slip the bolt through them and tighten it up.

38.) The finished differential. This part of the project is all ready to button up.

39.) Use Permatech Black Gasket Maker to seal the differential cover. Run a uniform bead around the inside of the bolt holes until you end up with...

40.) ...something like this. Avoid spreading the Gasket Maker out. It's harder to get the same amount of sealer in every area and excess can cause a high spot that will leak.
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