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25.) Slip the axle bearing into the axle tube as far as it will go...

26.) ...and then it's time for another special tool; a seal & bearing driver. Drive the bearing into place with a driver face that is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the axle tube.

27.) With the bearing in place, grease it with a good wheel bearing grease. This is important as the bearing has little or no lubrication until the differential oil reaches it while driving.

28.) Be sure the wheel bearing has a very liberal coating of grease as shown here.

29.) Drive the axle seal into the tube. Be sure the driver face is large enough to cover all of the seal but small enough to slip into the axle tube or you'll cave in the seal and ruin it.

30.) Once the axle seal is in place, give it a light coat of grease so that it has some lubrication.

31.) Check the axle carefully for anything that could be a future problem. I replaced both axles. On this one, you can see the blue color where the axle rides on the bearing...

32.) ...which indicates it's been run without lubrication and gotten hot, probably a factor in the leaking seal. This is what a new axle looks like. Clean and smooth!
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