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17.) Now it's time for one of these special tools; a slide hammer with a flip end attachment. The diameter of the attachment can not exceed the inner diameter of the axle.

18.) The flip end allows the attachment to slide through the seal and bearing into the axle tube.

19.) Once inside the axle tube, the end flips and you have a surface large enough to pull the bearing and race out. Be careful. If it's too big, it will bind in the axle tube and not work.

20.) Pull the slide hammer tight against the bearing race and push the sliding weight all the way to the end...

21.) ...then pull the weight towards you so that it impacts the end of the slide hammer. Repeat this action until...

22.) ...the axle bearing and axle seal are pulled out of the axle tube. Be careful not to get your hand in the way of the weight or you'll end up with a world class blood blister!

23.) At this point, take time and clean all the surfaces you're working on. This includes the differential housing surface and the differential cover.

24.) Here's a look at the new axle bearings and axle seals. Notice that the axle bearings are not sealed units as used on '65-'78 Mustangs. Their lubrication comes from the differential.
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