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Changing Rear Wheel Bearings and Seals on Your Late Model Mustang

Reprinted from Restomod Magazine, Spring 2009

In this installment of MP Tech, we are going to show you how to change rear wheel bearings and axle seals on 1979 to present 8.8 Ford differentials. Literally millions of Mustangs have been produced with these rear ends so we thought a lot of the Mustang Nation would benefit from this Mustangs Plus "Hands on How To" article. Our project 'Stang is my #46 1995 Cobra R IMSA racecar which developed a rear axle seal leak during our last outing at Infineon Raceway. Although our project 'Stang is, and always has been, a racecar, the rear axle is the same as any production Mustang with the exception of a temperature sending unit and the gear ratio. So it's a very acceptable candidate for the content of this article.

Changing 1965 to 1978 rear wheel bearings require a hydraulic press to press the axle bearing onto the axles. This needs to be done by a reputable shop which means that most hobbyist can not do the job without outside labor and labor cost. Not so for the 1979 and up Mustangs. Follow along as Ron Morris of Ron Morris Performance and I show how you can do the job in your home garage and how easy it actually is. Easy, that is, if you have the right tools.

There are two special tools you'll need to complete this task. They are, a seal/bearing driver and a slide hammer with the correct size attachment to remove the wheel bearings. More on that later. If you are going to undertake this project, I urge you to be sure to get these tools lined up before you start. They will make the job easy and you won't tear anything up trying to improvise. Other than that, you'll use standard tools found in most home tool boxes.

So, whether you have a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder 1979 or newer Mustang, this MP Tech article will help you keep your Mustang alive and kicking! All of us at Mustangs Plus wish you good luck with all your projects and we look forward to serving you today and in the future.

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