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Many months and many dollars later, they're ready to sell!
By Ron Bramlett
Ever since the debut of the Ronster, Mustangs Plus has been the ground effects that adorned the bottom of the Ronster was going to be available for their Mustang. The answer was “No” then, but “Yes” now! You see, the ground effects that are on the Ronster were made out of metal and were very expensive to produce. George and I spent many hours shaping them out of 22 gage stock and once we got them to looking like something like what we were going for, Kevin, at Precision Machine was called upon to put the reverse roll in and complete “The Look” we were after. Also, on the Ronster, the long side pieces attach to the long frame rail that is part of the Chassis Strengthening Kit. Our customers Mustangs would not have this frame rail unless they had already installed the Chassis Strengthening Kit on their Mustang. So, we decided not to go there. I mean, how would you have felt if you would have called up to order a Ground Effects Kit and our sales personnel would have said,

“Yes, we do have them available but before you can install them, you first have to buy this kit for $350.00. Then you have to have it welded onto your Mustang. And, of course, the welding will cost you even more. But after you do that, then you can install our Ground Effects Kit!”

Talk about user-unfriendly! Our sales staff would have heard a “click” in their ears and the next time that the customer needed Mustang parts, do you think Mustangs Plus would get the call? Me neither! Well, it took awhile but finally, the ground effects package was moved to the front burner and I went to work on getting the kit made a ready to sell to our customers. I found that they were looking for something simple to install that could be removed without any outward signs that they had put anything on their car. Also, they were more interested in having them noticeable on the car, but not overpowering. And, of course, they didn’t want anything the hung down below the car that would be damaged by a speed-bump. Oh. And fiberglass would be OK, but not plastic! Too cheap looking! I had my work cut out for me, didn’t I?

The ground clearance problem was solved by attaching the right and left long center sections of the kit to the bottom of the rocker panel, on the flat spot above the seam where the rocker panel and the floor pan are welded together. I also designed these pieces to go up into the door jamb area where they would look natural and not leave an edge to be pulled away from the car, making them super strong. To attach, you must drill 5 holes in the bottom of the rocker panel. If taken off, these holes will not be noticeable. Also, you will have to drill a couple of holes in the door jamb area. Or, as I did on the ‘65 Black Coupe, you can use the Accessory Door Sill Plates, But you still have to drill holes to attach the accessory plates! It’s your choice.

With the long center sections done, attention was now turned to the rear quarter panel trim. Trying to keep the same angles as the wheel wells and the design of the center sections, these pieces were designed to attach to the quarter panel by drilling a couple of holes in the bottom of the quarter panel. There is already a large hole in this area for trunk drainage, so a couple of 1/8” holes won’t hurt anything.

Four pieces down and two to go! The Ronster uses a four piece ground effects kit because of the molded in front spoiler that attaches to the bottoms of the front fenders. But I figured that most of the Mustang owners who would buy a Restomod Ground Effects Kit for their Mustang would not have a molded front spoiler. So right and left front pieces had to be made to finish off the bottoms of the front fenders. These were made to attach by drilling to holes in the bottom of the front fenders, where, if removed, would not be noticeable.

To those of you who buy a kit for your Mustang, I strongly suggest that you install it on your Mustang before painting. Then take it off, paint it, and it will bolt right back on, easily, in ten minutes or so. That way, if you drop a piece on the ground, have trouble drilling a hole, or for any other reason goof it up, you won’t have to repaint it. Our complete instructions that comes with the kit explains it all.

As a last note, all of our Restomod Ground Effects Kits will be made from aircraft quality hand laid fiberglass. This will make them lightweight, yet very durable. I had all our pre-production kits made in light grey for a couple of reasons. For photo purposes and so I could tell them apart from the regular production pieces which will be black. Kits are now in stock, so order yours today!

With the gray kit installed on Ol' Blue, you can see exactly
how it looks.

By the way, complete instructions are included. Now, take
'em off and paint 'em!


First step, fit a section to the car and using masking tape, tape it on

Then mark where the 1/8" holes to be drilled will go.

Carefully drill these two 1/8" holes. They're the only ones
visible when your done.

Once the top is secured, 6 screws on the bottom will
complete the installation.

The front pieces, once trimmed in front, are secured with
2 screws to the front fender.

If you have a small gap at the top, a piece of double sided
tape will keep it closed.

A couple of screws holds the rear trim pieces to the
bottom of the quarter panel.

When painted, our Restomod Ground Effects Kit blends
in with the body lines.