Granada/Monarch Front Disc Brake Changeover Tips

Installation of Granada front disc brakes on early Mustangs has become a very popular way to convert drum brake Mustangs to disc.  But, as with most swaps, it is not a slam dunk as most people have been told.  If you are considering this swap, be aware of these minor problems you will have to deal with.
1)   1968 to 1973 Mustang, Torino, and other Ford front disc brake setups will also work.

            Almost everything below will apply to many other Ford setups. Don't count them out when trying to add disc brakes!

Granada Front Disc Brake
Conversion Calipers

04113.gif (12427 bytes)

Get your conversion off to a sure footed start by installing freshly rebuilt calipers.  Our calipers include new pads so there's nothing else to buy!

NOTE:  A core charge of $40 per caliper will be added to your final invoice.  This charge is fully refundable upon return of rebuildable cores. 

Please call us at 800-999-4289 with any questions regarding core charges

LH Granada Front Caliper Part #04114
RH Granada Front Caliper Part# 04113

2)   Lincoln Versailles spindles are not a direct bolt on like the Granada and Monarch units.

     Although all of the other parts such as rotors and calipers are the same, the Versailles spindles have a larger hole for the lower control arm ball joint. This hole either has to be filled and then re-drilled to the correct size and correct tapper for the smaller diameter ball joint or you have to adapt the Versailles lower ball joint to the Mustang lower control arm. Both of these options are doable, but can cost a lot more money than just using Granada or Monarch spindles to begin with.

3)   The outer tie rod ends will need to be changed.

Mustang outer tie rod ends are the wrong diameter and you will need to change them to make the swap.

Granada Conversion Tie Rod Ends

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Part #04236

Fits the LH, or driver's side for power steering applications

This tie rod end fits the right side on power or manual steering applications and the right side only on manual steering applications when you are doing a Granada front disc brake conversion.
Part #02715

Fits the RH, or passenger's side for power steering applications.

Fits LH and RH side for manual steering applications


4)   Style Steel Wheels and some other factory and aftermarket wheels will not fit on the  front rotor.

           The diameter of the snout on the front rotor is too large to fit up into the factory and reproduction Style Steel Wheels. This problem also effects many stock factory steel wheels and aftermarket wheels with small center holes. The result is that you have to take the rotors to a machine shop and have the snout turned down to fit the wheels. Before doing the installation, check your wheels on the rotor! (This does not apply to 1968 to 1973 Mustang, Torino, and many other Fords setups! The snouts on these rotors work just fine with stock wheels. However, these rotors are more expensive!)

5)   Brake lines have to be adapted for 1965 to 1967 Mustangs. 

           The caliper sits on the back of the spindle instead of on the front like the factory set up. This means that the brake hose is pointed towards the front of the car instead of the rear. But this is a simple matter to take care of. The brake line has a large mount on the end opposite the caliper. Loop the brake line around the sway bar end link and attach it to the frame right under the upper control arm. Then, using a 8" to 12" section of hard line, use an adapter line to go from the factory hard line to the brake hose. Connect the two hard lines with a double female adapter.

Mustangs Plus Hard Line Adapter Kit
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  This great kit will save you time and frustation when doing your Granada conversion.  Includes two pre-bent lines, flare nuts and adapters and is ready to install.  You'll thank yourself many times for installing this kit.  Sold per set.
Hard Line Adapter Kit Part #05126