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Mustangs Plus shows you how easy it is to install Ron Morris Performance's new Easy To Install (ETI) Coil-Over System for Classic Mustangs, Falcons and Cougars!

25.) Once all the adjustments are done, spin the locking ring up against the lower spring seat...

26.) ...and using the spanner wrenches, tighten them against each other. Be aware that each time you change ride height, the alignment of the front end will also change. To be safe and prevent tire wear, be sure to have the alignment checked and set each time you raise or lower the car.

27.) The complete project. Be sure to put the coil spring covers back on if you took them off during installation. Besides being a very important structural component to the car, the bump stop can prevent damage to the shock on cars that are lowered.

28.) Yes, the Ron Morris Performance ETI Coil Over System will also work with most aftermarket control arms. It's fabulous!
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