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Mustangs Plus shows you how easy it is to install Ron Morris Performance's new Easy To Install (ETI) Coil-Over System for Classic Mustangs, Falcons and Cougars!

17.) You're now ready to attach the Coil Over Shock assembly to the upper control arm. Be sure the shaft is rotated so that the wider milled area is in contact with the upper control arm as shown.

18.) Since the Coil Over Assembly is loose at the top, you can easily place it over the holes that the coil spring perch came out of.

19.) Install the 3/8" Grade 8 bolts through the shaft and upper control arm from the top. Install the flat washer and nylock nut from the bottom.

20.) Snug up the nylock nut on the bolt at this time. You can see this being done below our Busted Knuckle Garage fender cover. Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, the "Busted Knuckle" motto just seems to fit!

21.) Torque the 3/8" bolts to 35 ft-lbs. This is a good time to make the initial adjustment on the 12 way adjustable shock absorber. Rotate the adjustment knob all the way to the left (counter clockwise) until it stops. Then, rotate it to the right (clockwise) and count the clicks. We recommend that you set it at 6 clicks to start out. That way, if the ride is too firm or too soft, you know which way you need to go.

22.) This is a very important step. Install the front tires and wheels on the car and set the car on the ground so that all the cars weight is setting on the tires. Then, tighten the nut on the top stud. If the weight of the car is not pushing up during the tightening of this nut, the urethane bushing will not tighten up correctly. After the nut is tightened per the instructions, install the lock nut on the stud and tighten.

23.) Now it's time to set the ride height. Using a measuring tape, measure up from the bottom of the adjusting knob (or any other reference point that is easiest for you) to the bottom of the lower spring seat. Set both sides the same so you have a baseline height.

24.) To adjust the ride height, use the spanner wrenches that come with the kit to loosen the locking ring from the lower spring seat. Moving the lower spring seat downward will lower the car. Moving the lower spring seat upward raises the car. Set the height, roll the car back and forth a couple of times to get the suspension to settle, and measure both sides. Continue to adjust until you get the ride height adjusted to the desired height on both sides. Don't be surprised if you have to adjust each side a little more or less to get the car to set level. After all, it's 40 years old!
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