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Mustangs Plus shows you how easy it is to install Ron Morris Performance's new Easy To Install (ETI) Coil-Over System for Classic Mustangs, Falcons and Cougars!

1.) When you buy the Ron Morris Performance ETI Coil-Over System for your car, this is the package you'll receive. The springs, which are available in 2 different rates at this time, 500 lb and 650 lb and are the only difference in the kit, come installed on the shocks and are ready to install. The other parts, the Upper Shock Mounts, the Reinforcement Rings, and Hardware Kits are easy to identify in the photo. At the top above the Upper Shock Mounts, you see the Spanner Wrenches which also come in the kit. These are used to set the ride height of the car after the system has been installed. We'll talk more about them later.

2.) The first thing we do is to remove the existing coil spring and shock absorber. If you can work around it, you don't need to remove the Coil Spring Cover. However, we removed it just so we could see the installation a little better.

3.) Do not remove the shock from the upper shock bracket. Instead, remove the upper shock bracket from the car. There are 3 nuts that hold it on. Remove them.

4.) Next, remove the two nuts that hold the bottom of the shock absorber to the coil spring perch.

5.) After the nuts are removed from the bottom of the shocks, lift them out of the top of the shock tower with the upper shock bracket attached.

6.) Once the shock is removed, the next step is to remove the coil spring. If your car is equipped with a stock or GT coil spring, you will have to have a coil spring compressor to compress the spring and make it shorter so that it can be removed. If your car is equipped with after market coil springs such as 620's, they are shorter from the factory and may just drop out with a little help. Either way, the coil spring must come out!

7.) With the coil spring removed from the shock tower, the next step is to remove the coil spring perch. There are two nuts that hold them to the upper control arm. Remove them...

8.) ...and remove the coil spring perch.
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