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Summer 2009
Restomod Magazine

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Mustangs Plus shows you how easy it is to install Ron Morris Performance's new Easy To Install (ETI) Coil-Over System for Classic Mustangs, Falcons and Cougars!

Reprinted from Restomod Magazine, March 2008

ETI says it all; "Easy To Install"! And that's exactly what the Ron Morris Performance "ETI Coil-Over System" is. If you can change front coil springs in your Classic Mustang, Cougar, Falcon or Comet, you'll have no problem at all installing this cool new product! While Ron Morris came to my home shop to install a proto-type unit on the #4 Grabber Green Fastback, I grabbed my camera and bugged the heck out of him to get these photos. The #4 Grabber Green Fastback has had a lot of miles put on it, mostly on the track in recent years, and is far from a show car. Just the type of Mustang that Ron wanted to install his new kit on because he knew that it would get used. Hard! So don't be disappointed if the pictures show a little grease and grime around the old parts. It just makes it very easy to tell which parts are new!

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