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    A natural outgrowth of Ron Bramlett's love for Mustangs is to have fun driving them. And what's a better way to have fun driving them than to take them to the track and open them up? For well over a decade, Ron Bramlett and George Galoosis, the Mustangs Plus' Race Team, has been doing just that, participating in several Track Events each year all the way from Oregon to Mexico and more!.

    Now then, let's put things in their proper perspective. When someone builds a high performance car, then uses it only on the streets around town, they are never able to drive the car to its fullest potential. If they do, they are usually removed from society for extended periods of time and lose the right to drive entirely. After all, when was the last time you saw a posted speed limit of 120 mph in a school zone? That's right. Never. So it's off to the race track to enjoy the cars!

    There a two basic ways to do this. Vintage Racing and Open Track Events. There are considerable differences in these two types of racing events. Vintage Racing is competitive, while Open Track is not. Ron and George enter both types of events and each has it's own rewards!

    Vintage Racing is frenzied wheel to wheel, pass-em-where-you-can, racing and contact between cars is rare, but it does happen. There are many organizations host Vintage races including SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), VARA (Vintage Automobile Racing Association), and HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing, Ltd). Of course the cars must be safe and in most cases, adhere to a set rules for each class. Most of the cars which are run in vintage races are pure race cars and are not street legal. Having a street legal vintage racer is nice, but usually it is not a true competitive car. Still, you have the choice of what you want to build. What do you win? Most vintage races have no prizes or points to win. It's the thrill of competing and placing as best you can that drive vintage racers.

    Open Track Events are a unique event because it allows participants the opportunity to use their performance cars they have built in a safe, controlled environment. Usually, a club or organization, such as the Northern California Shelby Club, rents a race track and sets up an open track event that allows car enthusiasts to drive their cars as fast as they care to without having to worry about seeing red lights in their mirror! Passing is allowed in designated areas only. Passengers are usually allowed and a ride is always a memorable experience for them.

    The emphasis is for all participants is to drive fast and have fun without having to worry about getting their cars banged up. And as you can see from the pictures on this page, fun is exactly what they have!

    Drivers are usually divided into four categories. This is based on driver skill level and vehicle performance. The driver categories and their explanations are listed below.

BLUE GROUP - Licensed race drivers, and race ready cars. The cars must be roll bar or cage equipped and all drivers and passengers must wear 2 layer race suits, etc.

GREEN GROUP - Advanced drivers and high performance street or race cars. The cars must be roll bar or cage equipped and all drivers and passengers must wear 2 layer race suits, etc.

RED GROUP - Intermediate drivers and street cars. Drivers with a few events under their belts and prepared street cars which have more performance and safety equipment than normal.

YELLOW GROUP - Novice drivers and stock street cars. New drivers with stock cars that meet the minimum safety requirements. There are driving instructors to help every beginning driver.

    The listings above are not "set in stone" rules. They are guidelines for grouping drivers so that everyone is comfortable with the other drivers in their group. For example. A first time driver would not want to have an experienced race driver come flying up behind him in a corner. He would be so worried about the car behind him that the experience would be stressful, not enjoyable, as intended. On the other hand, the race driver would want the first time driver out of his way, so the event would be frustrating for him, not enjoyable. So as you can see, participation in each division is a balance between the two factors mentioned above. The drivers experience level and the ability of the car.

One other thing about building a Mustang for Open Track is that there are no rules to follow other than the safety rules. You can let your mind run wild and do anything you want to the car, so long as it's safe! You can build the baddest engine, without regard to whether it's street legal or not! You can run the biggest set of tires you can find. You can modify the chassis and brakes, any way you want. This is why we enjoy Open Track so much. It allows us to constantly improve the cars!

    The bottom line to both Vintage Racing and Open Tracking is to allow the drivers to have fun with their high performance vehicle and drive it as fast as they want. The choice on which you would like to do is up to you but Mustangs Plus specializes in the suspension and handling products you'll need to make your Mustang fun, and safe to drive!

    Why not come see us at the next track event? We'll make you feel right at home, and who knows? Maybe you'll decide you would like to go for a quick spin............. hope to see you there!