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    With close to 70 track events under it's belt since 1991, the Mustangs Plus Grabber Green #4 Fastback has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years. Many of these car upgrades have resulted in new products for Mustangs Plus to sell to our customers. GRAB-A-TRAK® components like reverse eye rear leaf springs, 5 leaf rear leaf springs, 750 lb. front coil springs, 1 1\8 front sway bars, and Mustangs Plus Race wheels, just to name a few!

    Although it is a licensed SCCA race car and has been driven in many competitive events, Ron has always tried to make sure the Grabber Green Fastback modifications can also be used by our customers in their Mustangs. So, many things that would be done to a full blown race car have not been done to the track car. In fact, Ron still enjoys driving it home once in a while, especially after making a change to it. It's the best of both worlds, as Ron says!

    Another thing note worthy about this car is the fact that the Grabber Green paint job is the same one that was put on it in 1986. Yes, there is a few chips, dents, and scratches in it, but those little imperfections just add character to the car. Don't you agree?

    The early history on this car is pretty standard. Originally Dynasty Green with black pony interior, it was a factory GT equipped with a 4 speed, air conditioning and power steering. In 1981, we bought it from a lady in her mid 40's who just happened to be the original owner. Later that year, we sold it to a young man in Manteca, California. Then a couple of years later, he call and asked if Mustangs Plus wanted to buy it back. He had blown up the motor and didn't have the money to fix it.

    When we got the car back, the motor was in a millon pieces and crammed into the trunk. The 4 speed and shifter were lying in the back seat. The air conditioning was gone as was all of the GT items except for the front disc brakes and the rear valance. Hood pins had been installed and the original style steel wheels had been replaced with mags. To top it all off, the whole car had been painted with a light grey primer. No, it was not a pretty picture!

    In 1985, we started to restore the car to sell. But when a customer came in and bought Ron's 1966 Guards Red Fastback, he saw a great oppurtunity to build another Mustang and paint it a color that was different. Ron chose Mustang color code Z, 1970 Grabber Green. (A little known fact is that all the Grabber colors were actually the colors that Ford painted their heavy industrial equipment such as dump trucks and road graders. Yellow was the most common of these colors!) The car was restored as a modified street car and driven by Ron on the street for several months. Over the course of time, Ron started to take the car to the Open Track Events and the rest is history.


       • Ron Bramlett
       • 1965 Mustang Fastback
       • 1970 Boss 302 Grabber Green Color

       • 1969 302 engine;  10.5 :1 compression
       • 1991 Motorsport; T-5 5spd transmission
       • Hurst "Short Throw" shifter
       • Restomod Speed Shifter handle
       • 1975-80 style Lincoln/Versailles axle
       • 4:11 Detroit Locker

       • GRAB-A-TRAK® 750 coil springs
       • GRAB-A-TRAK® 5 1/2 leaf springs
       • KYB adjustable shock absorbers

       • Steering box: 5 turns to lock
       • Idler/Pitman arms: Shelby Quick Steer Kit
       • GRAB-A-TRAK® 1 1/8" front sway bar
       • GRAB-A-TRAK® polyurethane bushings
       • Negative wedge kit
       • Bump steer kit

       • Front: 1970-73 Mustang disc brakes
       • Front Pads: Carbon Kevlar
       • Rear: 1975-80 Lincoln/Versailles
       • Rear Pads: Carbon Kevlar




The #4 Fastback flying around the track in Ensenada, Mexico. Competitors must love the smell of exhaust!

At Laguna Seca, Mustangs Plus' #4 sits in the pits with our swapmeet truck waiting for the next event to begin.

Ron blazes to 130 mph at Sears Point Raceway!

Ron gives rides sometimes, if they have the stomach for that much action! Here GiGi suits up for a couple a laps with Ron.