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by Ron Bramlett
    In our last Newsletter, I wrote about our newest project here at Mustangs Plus, the Monster Ronster. Since then, I’ve had a lot of responses from people who have essentially said, "Don’t build another show car like the original Ronster, Build one to drive!"

    Well, we’re glad to hear you all say that. The intent of the Monster Ronster has always been to build it so that we can take our customers for rides in it. But with a twist. We are planning to build it so that it will pass tech at the local Open Track events! That way, we can get it out on the race track and show our friends and customers what it will do! And, of course, driving it at these events will be a blast for us, too!

Dont' junk that parts car, turn it into a dream car!

    As we go to press on January 3rd, 2002, the top is gone (it was sent to another company to develop a new insulation package for Mustang Coupes) and the basic body is almost ready to go to the paint shop. I say almost, because we are still acquiring parts.

    How would you feel about a nice set of 3" wide fender flares all the way around it? Or a fiberglass deck lid with a new, higher profile rear spoiler molded in? Maybe a new, lower nose section to replace the front racing apron? These are just some of the many interesting suggestions we have received from Mustang enthusiasts... some really great stuff!

Compliment your Restomod with a set of these hot wheels!

    If you’ve e-mailed and I haven’t responded to you, it’s because I’m also getting a lot of questions asked, and I just don’t have the time to e-mail everybody back. But keep them coming! Because of the many e-mails we’ve received, we’ve made several changes in our thinking about the Monster Ronster! So e-mail away! We really do want your input into the project.
    I’ll try to have some better pictures in the March issue so be sure to keep an eye out for it! Thanks for stopping by - Ron





That's a dream that needs A LOT of work!

Darn that Anthony! He caught me daydreaming of driving the Monster Ronster around Sears Point at Mini -Nats!

In order to take it onto the track and give passengers a ride, it will need to be equipped with a roll bar. I haven't decided if this will be the right one!

 Even though the floor pains were in pretty good shape, we welded on new ones over the old ones for more strength.

The windshield posts were trimmed to match the metal frame. It's starting to take shape, but it'll take quite some effort to make the Monster Ronster a real road warrior!