Story by Ron Bramlett

   What are some of the things our friends and customers who have seen our latest "restoration project" said about it? Would you believe Cute!, Awesome!, even Smashing!, as one of our friends from Down Under put it.

   They’re all referring to the newest addition to our Mustang stable. Our Porsche Red with Red and White Pony Interior
Mustang golf cart. Yes, that’s right! Mustang golf cart!

   It all started with a trip to the Pleasanton Swap Meet last
November. David went out looking around and came driving
back in a Harley Davidson golf cart. He had bought it from a
vendor who had brought a truck load of them to sell. But the
real news was that he had a 1965 Mustang golf cart and David knew we just had to have it! So he had put a deposit on it.

   Anxious for me to see it, we went over to the vendors area
where it sat. You could tell that it had been rode hard and put away wet, (a little pony humor!) but it was all there and just needed a little TLC and a new coat of paint! And David was just the guy for the job!

   The seller agreed to install a new set of batteries and make sure it was in perfect mechanical condition. During the next week David went and picked it up and the work began!

   The body was taken off and sent to Guinetti’s Body Shop in Lodi where all the little imperfections it had acquired over the years were repaired. Then several coats of Porsche Guards Red were sprayed on and the bumpers were painted silver. What a difference from the dark bow tie green it was when we got it!

   Looking brand new, David picked the body up from Guinetti’s and brought it back to the shop where it was installed back on the cart. Over the next few days, David worked on putting it back together and getting everything to work such as the stereo, head and tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and oh, of course, the horn!

   When he was done, everything worked perfectly, even the
power antenna! Next came the little details. The emblems and upholstery.

   David and I installed the emblems and I took the upholstery to our good friend Dino Palermo to get it redone. As you may remember, Dino did the upholstery in the Ronster so we knew it was in good hands. We ordered in the correct red material from TMI and had Dino make us up a set of, what else, Red and White Pony Interior! And boy did Dino do a great job! The pictures don’t do it justice!

   After the upholstery was done, it was time for all of the little details. Steering wheel, floor mats, sill plates, tires and wheels, and of course a Mustangs Plus windshield tape!

   As I’m writing this, we’re thinking that the finishing touch might be a nice pinstripe along the side. What do you think?

   It has been a short but fun restoration project that David and I have both enjoyed and it has given us another unique Mustang to display in our collection.

   But it won’t be just for display! Be sure to see it in action at the at any of the events we hold at our store! Anyone up for a ride around the parking lot?