The Black Coupe
Built by Ron Bramlett and Jeff Speegle in 1981-1982

The Black Coupe

     The Black Coupe has had many different faces. It has had several different engines in it.  It has been an automatic, then a 4-speed, and then an automatic again, has had many different sets of tires and wheels on it, and so many different suspension systems have been tested on it that we've lost count.

      Currently, it has a 1995 Motorsport 5.0L engine, a set of 17" X 8" American Racing Torque II's with P235 X 45 AVS Yokohama's, and a Mustangs Plus Spring and Handling Kit with 620 front coils and 5 leaf rear leaf springs.

     In March, 1999, it was the focus of a Mustangs and Fords Magazine install article where we showed how to install a Wilwood 4-wheel disc brake system and the article was in a recent issue.

     As you can see, this is one Mustang that will never be done! Makes you wonder what's next, doesn't it?