Restomod News
By Ron Bramlett
September, 2008

"Thank You" For Letting Mustangs Plus Be Your Mustang Parts Supplier

We can never say "Thank You" too many times to you for being a Mustangs Plus customer. We also know that you do business with Mustangs Plus because you choose to, not because you have to. So I want to take a little space here in Restomod News to say it again. From all of us here at Mustangs Plus, a big "Thank You!" goes out to each and everyone of you for being our customer. We hope to have a great, long term relationship with you and your Mustang(s)!

What's New At The Restomod Shop? Just Look!

It's been right at two years since we started The Restomod Shop back in 2006. While we had always done a lot of our own work on our Mustangs, the chance to build Mustangs for other people who share our passion for these wonderful cars helped us to put together this great restoration facility. Even before we opened the doors, we had people who wanted us to build their Mustangs for them. This was great because we had figured we would have to build a few Restomod Mustangs for ourselves in the first couple of years just to keep the staff busy. We didn't figure we would have enough business to keep the doors open at first. But, we were wrong. Soon, cars started coming in from all over the place for all kinds of work! This was great, but it meant that the work on our own Restomod Mustangs came to a halt. Darn!

We did get a few of our Restomods into complete stages. Others are still waiting for a slow time where we can work on them. Our loss is our customers gain. In the past two years, many customers have brought their Mustangs in, we've gotten the job done, and they now have them at home and are enjoying them. Boy, does that make me feel good! I'm going to go over four of them here with you here in Restomod News.


One of the first customer Mustangs to come to The Restomod Shop was a little red 1966 convertible that we nicknamed "Rusty". You guessed it. It was because Rusty was Rusty! Even before media blasting Rusty, we told Rusty's owner, Dave Shaw, that he might want to look for another Mustang to restore. Dave said that Rusty was his Mustang and wanted to know if we could save it. Sure we said. And so, we did. These pictures tell the story. It was a big job, but nothing is impossible. Right?

As you can see by the pictures, after media blasting, Rusty was almost in three pieces. It took a little time, but The Restomod Shop restored Rusty back to all it's glory by using as much of Rusty's original body panels and sheet metal as could be saved and new body panels and sheet metal where we had to. After seeing the job that The Restomod Shop crew did on restoring Rusty's body, Dave had us paint Rusty and then took his Mustang home to put together himself.

It took Dave almost a year to complete Rusty's restoration, but Dave was rewarded with a beautiful Mustang. As was said when Dave came and got Rusty to take home and put back together, we have to change Rusty's name because Rusty isn't rusty any more! So with that, Rusty's new nickname is "Trusty". For more pictures during Rusty's restoration, go to and, under projects, select "Rusty". Our thanks to Dave Shaw for allowing us to help him save Rusty and keep another classic Mustang on the road. By the way, Dave was very proud to take a first place at the first show he entered Rusty in.

This Mustang Just Came In.......

Just before press time, The Restomod Shop had this 1965 fastback come in from the Seattle, Washington area for a complete body restoration. This Mustang holds a very sentimental spot in it's owners hearts and they really want to save it. As you can see, it will be a major job. But in the end, the owners will have their Mustang that will be restored, not just another Mustang that has little or no meaning to them.

You'll want to keep an eye on Restomod Magazine and The Restomod Shop website, for updates as the project progresses. I thought you would like to see this Mustang as it came into The Restomod Shop before work was started. That way, you can follow it when work starts and remember what it was like when we started. When completed, we plan to do a nice article on it with the story of what this little Mustang has been through and why it's so special!

Poison Ivy

Another Mustang to come to The Restomod Shop soon after we opened just left. But, not as a 1967 coupe like it was when it arrived. It left The Restomod Shop as a cool Restomod Retractable Mustang. The story goes like this. Paul and Tyler Graham have been coming to Mustangs Plus' April and October Mustang shows for many years; way before Tyler was even old enough to get his license! After seeing the 1964 1\2 Retractable Mustang that Mustangs Plus built back in 1995, Paul and Tyler wanted a Retractable Mustang of their own. So, they asked if The Restomod Shop could build one for them. Of course, we said, so the project was started.

The Mustang that Paul and Tyler sent The Restomod Shop to build into a Retractable was a 1967 coupe that was in pieces and incomplete. shock towers were gone as was all of the front aprons and radiator support. So, the first part of the restoration was to get the body shell back into restorable condition. Then, the restoration took a turn and Paul and Tyler's coupe became a retractable with the installation of the Chassis Strengthening Kit and the cutting of the original top off. About this time, Paul and Tyler came up with their choice of color "Poison Ivy" from the PPG Vibrant Collection. Actually, Poison Ivy is a lot like "Mystic", the color that Ford painted a limited number of Cobra Mustangs in 1996 and 2004. Like Mystic, Poison Ivy changes color, depending on how the sun or shadows hit the paint. On top of that, Poison Ivy is a heavy metallic which brings a lot of sparkle to the color in the sun. A very unique and cool choice for a Restomod Retractable Mustang!

As the project progressed, Paul and Tyler added a Ford Racing 302 cubic inch create motor, a Tremec 5-speed transmission and lots of other goodies to Poison Ivy. Custom interior, 4 wheel disc brakes, pack and pinion power steering, Classic Auto Air in dash air conditioning and much more! Believe me, this is one special Mustang! In the day light, looking at it from one direction, it's a brilliant Emerald Green Metallic. Walk around it and the color changes to a beautiful deep Tahoe Blue Metallic! From another direction, it's a different color, and so on. I remember when we had the car in the paint booth. Everyone was really anxious to see exactly what the finial color was going to look like. It was well worth the wait!

Poison Ivy was delivered to Paul and Tyler a few days ago, just in time for Hot August Nights. I'm sure they'll have a blast with it at the event! For more information and up to date photos, go to and check it out. There, you'll find more photos of Poison Ivy during construction and maybe even a few of it at Hot August Nights.

The Dynacorn Restomod Tribute Fastback

Dynacorn Classic Bodies, Mustangs Plus, The Restomod Shop and many other top automotive aftermarket companies have worked together to build the Dynacorn Restomod Tribute Fastback. If you're a classic Mustang fan, than you know the story behind the Bullitt Mustang. This beautiful Restomod is based on the 1968 Mustang that Steve McQueen drove into automotive legend in the 1968 Warner Brothers cult movie classic "Bullitt". Starting out with a Dynacorn Classic Bodies new reproduction body, and using Dynacorn sheet metal products through out, this project was commissioned by Mustangs Plus and built at our adjoining restoration facility, The Restomod Shop, here in Stockton, California.

The project was started in the early months of 2008 and finished the first week of August, just in time to be displayed at the Hot August Nights 2008 event in Reno, Nevada. While the original Bullitt Mustang was equipped with a 390 cubic inch engine and a top loader 4-speed manual transmission, the decision was made to upgrade the engine and transmission; the FE Ford big block engine to a 428 unit, the transmission to a Tremec Heavy Duty 5-speed. These changes keep the car similar to what the original Bullitt movie car was equipped with, but add newer technology and better drivability.

It took a lot of effort and dedication from many of the top automotive aftermarket manufacturing companies to complete this project. If you don't see the Dynacorn Restomod Tribute Fastback at Hot August Nights, it's scheduled to be displayed at SEMA in Las Vegas in November. Or, drop by Mustangs Plus and see it on display here. Be sure to look for a complete feature article on it, and many of the other Restomods that have been and are being built at The Restomod Shop, in future editions of Restomod Magazine. You can also go to our websites, or for more details and pictures. As you can see, the Dynacorn Restomod Tribute Fastback was in the finial stages of construction when these photos were taken the last week of July.

One last thought.... Something that really makes this project unique and special is that over 95% of all the parts that make up this "almost" new car are new aftermarket parts and products. And, in all honesty, the parts we used that are factory Ford products such as the engine block, crankshaft, rods, rear end housing, spindles, etc. all are available as aftermarket products in one form or another. We do want to thank Ford Motor Company for licensing many of these parts and products such as the Dynacorn body. Without Ford's support, many of these products would not be available and our hobby could never grow as it has. With Dynacorn Classic Bodies and all these other great automotive aftermarket companies and their parts to choose from, who knows what our next project will be!

Mustangs Plus Sponsors MCA and MCA National Shows For 2008

It's no secret that Mustangs Plus is, and always has been, proactive in the Mustang hobby. Just one of the ways we are proactive is that we donate thousands and thousands of dollars each year to Mustang clubs from all over to help support their shows and driving events.

We know that the hundreds of Mustang clubs world wide promote the Mustang, both old and new, and keep the Mustang excitement alive and in the imaginations and desires of millions of people. In the early years of Mustangs Plus, we were not able to help the clubs as much as we can now. But, as we've grown, so has our ability to sponsor and promote clubs and their events. Today, Mustangs Plus is very proud to be a cooperate sponsor of the Mustang Club of America. For 2009, funds from Mustangs Plus has gone to, and will go to, each of the MCA Regional Mustang Clubs that are hosting an MCA Regional Show to help with the expenses those clubs face when hosting a national show. If you haven't been to an MCA National Show, be sure to plan to attend one as soon as possible.

As I said above, Mustangs Plus is very proud to sponsor the Mustang Club of America. If you're not a member, we hope that you will join today at Hopefully, we'll see you, and your Mustang, at an MCA show in the future!

2009 Mustang Lover's Cruise Dates Set

Update: 2009 Mustang Lover's Cruise has been canceled. Read more in the Nov. 2008 Restomod News

Here is the next, but not the last, invitation you'll get from me and Cindy for you and your loved ones to come join us on the next "Mustang Lovers Cruise" which is set for February 1st to February 8th, 2009. For all the information, go online to and check it out.

On this years cruise, we had a wonderful time and it was all in beautiful, warm weather. Besides the great people and activities, it was great to get away from the drab and dreary weather we usually have in early February in Northern California. Yes, I know our weather is not as bad as other parts of the states. In fact, there were many Mustangers from the northern states where their friends and family back home were lucky if the temperature hit a high of +10 degrees! They had come on the cruise and were soaking up the sun and having fun instead of being cooped up at home and shoveling snow! Boy, did they have smiles on their faces because of the warm weather!

Be sure to check out all the information at make plans to come with us next February. Yes, it's going to cost a little money, but you know what? You'll have a great time and a boat load of memories that will last you a lifetime. It's either come with us and have a wonderful time or stay home and shovel snow! (or what ever else is in abundance in your area!) I'm sure you'll make the right decision and we see you there!


Until Next Time,
Happy Restomod'n!
               -Ron Bramlett