Restomod News
By Ron Bramlett
July, 2008

Come Be A Mustangs Plus Neighbor!

After 14 years of having their automotive glass business in the Mustangs Plus commercial business complex here on Wilson Way, McSparren Auto Glass has moved. Company owner Kendal McSparren got the opportunity to buy a building right down the street from Mustangs Plus so he did. We don't blame him. We've always wanted to own the buildings we're in and it's a smart move for Kendal to own his. But, that leaves us with a space to rent here at Mustangs Plus. So I thought, what better way to advertise it then to let our readers know about it being available and that their business could be located here at Mustangs Plus!

As for the particulars, by the time you read this, Kendal will be all moved out and the place will be ready to rent. There is a total of right at 2,650 square feet which includes an office with it's own bathroom, heating and air conditioning and a glass double wide store front door. Total office and bathroom space is 316 square feet. The office is built inside of the shop space and is 10' wide and 26' deep. The top of the office can also be used for light storage. It measures right at 260 square feet of usable space.

The shop itself has two 10' wide by 14' tall roll up doors and a 3' walk in man door. All doors, including the store front, are on the front of the building. The shop measures 50' deep and 50' wide at the rear. At the front, it's 40' wide because of the 10' wide by 26' long office area. The bathroom area actually extends into the space on the other side of the divider wall and is only accessible through the office area. An alarm system that covers both the office and the shop is present and I sure it can activated with your choice of monitoring company. There is also a small, fenced in outside area alongside the shop wall for outside storage. Kendal kept a car trailer and other related items there.

This shop and office space are in the Mustangs Plus complex which is fully fenced and locked every night. You will have your own key so that you can have 24 hour access at your convenience.

If you or someone you know is looking for this type of shop and office combo, call my father, Glenn Bramlett, at (209) 471-1556. He will get you all the information. Come be a Mustangs Plus neighbor! For pictures and more information, go to our website at and click on the Shop For Rent link.

Help! I Need A Part That I Can't Find.....

I'm having trouble finding a part I need so I thought I'd ask our readers for some help. I need to find a power steering pump pulley from a 1994 to 1995 5.0 Mustang. The stamping on the pulley is F4ZE 3D673 AC and, as far as I can tell, is only used on `94's and `95's. These numbers are stamped on the front snout of the pulley and can be easily seen while still in the car.

If someone has a new pulley, I'd be interested in buying it. If you have a used pulley, I would prefer it be on the power steering pump so that I can remove it myself. You see, that's one of the problems I'm having with this part. I have found a couple of used pulleys that have been pulled off with the wrong tools and were bent in the process. So, I can't use them.

If you can help me with one of these, please contact me at or give me a call on my cell phone at (209) 471-2383. We'll work out a price or some credit against parts that you need. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!

August 29th to 31st; An "Eventful" Weekend!

As I reported in the last issue of Restomod Magazine, the Mustang Club of America's "Grand National Show" and the Northern California Shelby Club's "Mini Nats" are two great annual Mustang events that will be held on the same weekend. From an activities stand point, one's showing and the other's going. The MCA Grand National Show is where you're always able to see some of the finest examples of original and restored Mustangs compete for the Gold. And at the Nor Cal Mini Nats, you're always able to see, and hear, some of the fastest and rarest Mustangs fly around the race track. Attending one or the other is a must for all of us on the west coast!

Cindy and I will be attending the MCA Grand National Show in Park City, Utah. MCA shows west of the Mississippi are rare and the fact that this is the Grand National, the MCA's most prestigious show of the year, makes it even more thrilling to attend! Add to that the fact that our good friends, Mike and Joyce Epperson and all of the other Northern Utah Mustang Owners Association members, are hosting this years MCA Grand National is even more reason for us to attend. Cindy and I have been members of NUMOA for many years and have made many good friends in the club.

If memory serves me correctly, this will be the first NorCal Mini Nats I've missed since 1998 due to the illness I described in last months' Restomod News. Because it will be the 25th Anniversary of Mini Nats, The Nor Cal Shelby Club will be pulling out all the stops to make it the greatest Mini Nats ever! Be sure to look for next months' Restomod Magazine in your mail box a couple of weeks early so that we can include entry forms and all the details on both of these events in it.

Mini Nats 25 At Thunderhill

Here's your second warning about Mini Nats 25 at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California. It's coming up fast, just like the cars that will be flying around the track! So, you had better start planning to get that Show Car and/or Track Car ready for action. Since this is the 25th year that the Nor Cal Shelby Club has hosted Mini Nats, look for it to be not only a great event, but a very special event as well. For all of the updates as they come available, be sure to visit on a regular basis. There, you will find the calendar of events for the weekend, the list of whose registered for the track and show events, which car they've entered and, most importantly, if the event is filling up and you might not be able to register. This is especially true of the track time. There are only so many slots available and once they're filled, you may find yourself on the waiting list, which isn't good. So be sure to make your plans and register early.

One other point I would like to make is this. A big part of the Mini Nats program is the social events that the Nor Cal Shelby Club puts on through out the weekend. If you come to the event and don't attend these functions, such as the Saturday Night Banquet, you miss half the reason for attending in the first place. The Saturday Night Banquet always includes guest speakers that you want to hear, not just speakers to fill the time. These speakers include racecar drivers, Shelby team personnel who were "there" in the `60's, and sometimes, even Carroll Shelby himself. (I don't know if that will happen this year.....) Also, there are always hilarious antics with surprise awards thrown in for good measure. The club also has the presentation of the Big Wheel Award, a club award that goes to someone each year who has done something of an impaired nature at the event. Our good friend, the late Bo Cheedle, won the Big Wheel award one year for leaving the top down on his wife's Sunbeam Tiger and then parking it in a place where the sprinklers watered the entire interior of the car while we all had dinner. You get the idea of the Big Wheel Award! Nor Cal always holds a first class raffle with great prizes and the banquet always has really good food! On top of that, you always meet someone who is running a car in your class that you end up bench racing with during the evening and then you see them the next day at the track. Suddenly, your running with a friend instead of just another car. That makes it more fun right there. If you don't attend these events, you're really missing out. This is because the people who run the club are great people.

I have been a member of the Nor Cal Shelby Club for many years and enjoy every event I go to for one reason and one reason only. The people who are in charge of running the club and putting on the events are some of the nicest, most down to earth people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. And most of them do not own Shelbys! Here's an example. I've know Richard Ravel, who is the Mini Nats XXV Chairperson, for several years. Here's how I met him. At one of the Mini Nats Banquets, we gave a set of 1965 Style Steel Wheels as a raffle prize. When the winning ticket was pulled, Richard was the lucky winner of the new Style Steel Wheels worth several hundred dollars. The only problem was that Richard didn't need them. He didn't have a 1965 Mustang for them to go on. But a young man at another table did. And he was very disappointed not to win them. To make a long story short, Richard gave the wheels to the young man. Just gave them to him. He didn't sell them to him, you understand. He just gave them to him because he couldn't use them and the young man could. This is just one example of the fellowship and friendship that I've seen and experienced over and over during my many years as a member of the Nor Cal Shelby Club. That's the kind of people who make up the club!

Don't go thinking that someone is going to give you expensive parts just because you go to these events. But, you will get the friendship of the other members which can be even more rewarding. Over the years, I've seen many small children including my own, grow into young adults and take part in the Nor Cal events. To say that's special is an understatement. Although Cindy and I will not be able to attend Mini Nats this year, Mustangs Plus will be sponsoring Mini Nats XXV and will have Mustangs there to give rides to our customers in and for them to enjoy. As always, we encourage all of you to come out and see just exactly what this event is all about. From the car show, to driving on the track and everything in between. It's not just about showing the cars. It's not about driving the cars fast. When all is said and done, Mini Nats is all about fellowship and friendship with Mustang and Ford fans who, just like you, enjoy being a Mustang and Ford enthusiast! Isn't that the recipe for a wonder event and club? Cindy and I will look forward to seeing you all at Mini Nats XXVI in 2009!

Mustang Club of America
Grand National Show In Park City, Utah

I've talked to many people on the west coast who all tell me that they're heading to Utah for the MCA Grand National show in August. Well, so are Cindy and I! This is going to be one heck of a show. I check in with Mike and Joyce Epperson on a regular basis and they tell me everything is coming along great! So, be sure to read the article below and mark the date on your calendar! We'll see you there.

MCA shows west of the Mississippi are rare. So, being from the west coast, it's great to see an MCA Grand National Show being held in Park City, Utah which is about 50 northeast of Salt Lake City. While the location is not right in our own back yard, it is close enough for all of us on the west coast to make our best effort to attend. So consider this your first official invitation from all of us at Mustangs Plus to get on the band wagon and head to Utah!

For 2008, the MCA has added several other classes to their program including a Restomod Class with all of us in the west in mind. So, if you're one of those Restomod Mustang owners who have questioned if the MCA has anything to offer to you, the MCA has made it clear that they want to include you, and your Restomod Mustang, in their national shows. Let's get to those shows and make sure we take advantage of the new Restomod Class and show them some great Restomod Mustangs from the west! Also, this is the MCA's Grand National show for 2008 is the MCA's most prestigious show of the year. For it to be held in Utah and hosted by the Northern Utah Mustang Owners Association is great for us on the west coast. And, NUMOA is no stranger to putting on great Mustang shows. In 2004 they hosted their first MCA Regional Mustang Show. To this day, I still have people come up to me who attended and tell me what a wonderful show it was. In fact, I'm sure that show gave a lot of inspiration to the members of the Diablo Valley Mustang Association (DVMA) and the Bay Area Mustang Association (BAMA) to hold their MCA Regional Mustang Show in Concord last year. Again, I have people tell me all the time that they had a wonderful time at that show, too!

Look for more details in the next Restomod Magazine on the MCA Grand National Show in Park City, Utah. Also, for up to date details, be sure to go to NUMOA's website at There, you'll find all the hotel information and how to enter your Mustang and other Ford for the show. There are over 180+ MCA Regional Clubs and over 12,000 Mustang owners world wide who support the MCA as members. If you would also like to also support the MCA by joining, please visit the Mustang Club of America website at and join today. You know all of us at Mustangs Plus believe that it's the Mustang clubs and their members who make the Mustang hobby what it is today! So get out there and join your local Mustang club and the MCA today!

Smog Control Bill STILL
"Out of Control" In California!

Well, we managed to beat back Senate Bill #SB1549 in one way. They decided to shelve it for now and look at it later as a "Classic" car bill... I don't really know exactly what that means. But, just before press time, another version was sent to me by Mr. Leonard Trimlett who writes,


I just got word that AB616 ( annual smogchecks for vehicles over 15 years old) has come back to life. The problem is that we don't have a lot of time. AB616 is in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is one vote in Appropriations, one vote on the Senate Floor, One Vote on the Assembly Floor away from the Governor. I am attempting to mount an urgent campaign via the internet. Also IMRC is going to have a subcommittee meeting on Annual Smogchecks.

I will forward that notice to you following this e-mail.

Len Trimlett

By the time you get this issue of Restomod Magazine, this will have already moved forward as June 11th is the date set. At press time, I haven't been able to find out if this bill pertains only to cars that are included in the smog check program here in California (1976 and newer) or if it pertains to ALL vehicles here in California that are 15 years and older. We'll keep you posted.

2009 Mustang Lover's Cruise Dates Set

This is the second invitation for you and your loved ones to come join Cindy and me on the next "Mustang Lovers Cruise" which is set for February 1st to February 8th, 2009. On this years cruise (2008), we had a wonderful time and it was all in beautiful, warm weather! Besides the great people and activities, it was great to get away from the drab and dreary California weather we usually have in early February here in Northern California. Yes, I know our weather is not as bad as other parts of the states. In fact, there were many Mustangers from the northern states where their friends and family back home were lucky if the temperature hit a high of +10 degrees! They had come on the cruise and were soaking up the sun and having fun instead of being cooped up at home and shoveling snow! Boy, did they have smiles on their faces because of the warm weather!

Be sure to check out all the information at and make plans to come with us next February. Yes, it's going to cost a little money, but you know what? You'll have a great time and a boat load of memories (pun intended!) that will last you a lifetime. If you do nothing else, print out the flyer at their website and tape it to your refrigerator door just to remind you and your wife or husband that the time is drawing nearer to the cruise! Men, ladies love to go on cruises! And ladies, you may be pleasantly suprised one day when your husband says to you, "Hey, that looks like fun. Let's go that cruise!" Then, you'll just have to agree with him and come on the cruise! After all, it will be his idea, won't it?


Until Next Time,
Happy Restomod'n!
               -Ron Bramlett