Restomod News
By Ron Bramlett
May, 2009

Correction to Last Restomod News

In the last edition of Restomod News, I said that a supercharged 4.6 engine was available for the 2010 Mustang. I even included this picture of a Red 2010 engine compartment with the supercharger on the 4.6. Well, here's the rest of the story.

Sorry folks. In the last Restomod News, I reported that a supercharged 4.6 would be available in the 2010 Mustang. The supercharged engine is only available in the Shelby. I guess this 2010 was a prototype that was slipped in to excite us. It did!
This picture was taken at the 2010 Reveal in Santa Monica, California on November 18, 2008. In fact, if you saw the 2010 Mustang Reveal that was telecast on the Speed Channel that night, it was the Red Mustang that drifted onto the stage before the other 2010 Mustangs. I looked at that Mustang and told the Mustang representative that was there that I really liked that particular Mustang and asked if it would be for sale at some point. He told me I could go to my local Ford dealer and order the exact same car the next day, on November 19th, and have it in February or March, 2009. I asked him if that included the supercharged engine and he said that it did.

Ever since the Reveal, Cindy's mother, Jane Crowden, has said she wants a 2010 Mustang. So, imagine my surprise when I went into my local Ford dealer a few days after I wrote this article to order a 2010 for her and was told that the supercharged engine was not available on the 2010 Mustang; that it was only available on the Shelby! Rats! Not that my mother-in-law really needs all that power. But, she wanted a loaded up 2010 Mustang with all the options and it would be really cool for her to add a supercharged 2010 Mustang to her already very impressive Mustang stable.

So, I reported in error that a supercharged 4.6 engine would be available as an option for the 2010 Mustang. Yeah, it's kind of a let down for me, too. Cindy has been wanting a 2010 and it would be a nice addition to our collection. But, I want a supercharger! Maybe Ford will reconsider and make it a midyear option or I an find that Red 2010 that was at the Reveal...

The Sacramento Autorama

February 6,7 and 8, 2009 was the Sacramento Autorama. With cars coming from many western states to compete, it's quite an honor to have your car accepted for this show. The Restomod Shop had three entries accepted and won trophies with each entry. You'll see these customer's Mustangs in future issues of Restomod Magazine.

Also, the Sacramento Area Mustang Club invited Mustangs Plus to bring the Dynacorn Bullitt Tribute Fastback to the Autorama and display it in the club's booth. They also extended the same invitation to my mother-in-law, Jane Crowden, to bring her 1979 Mustang Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. We were both honored to be invited and enjoyed the event very much. Be sure to read the article on this unique event in this issue of Restomod Magazine as the SAMC won a club award for their six Mustang display!

Restomods In Reno

Another quick reminder. Get your entry in for Restomods In Reno today! Go to the Reno Mustang Car Club's website at: and sign up today!

Nor Cal Mini Nats XXV Video Now Available!

Are Mini Nats and Open Track driving family oriented events? You bet they are! And here's the proof. The Northern California Shelby Club's DVD, Mini Nats XXV (25) is hot off the press! If you love High Performance Ford's even just a little bit, you'll want one of these cool DVD's for your Mustang and/or car memorabilia collection.

Not only does this 40 minute DVD cover the 2008 Nor Cal Mini Nats, a three day show and driving event that was held at Thunderhill Raceway over the last weekend in August, 2008, it also includes a 20 minute "retrospective" of the Nor Cal Shelby Clubs' early years told with many still pictures and video from the period which were shot as such places as Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill and Riverside Raceways. Video footage includes on of the 6 original Daytona Coupes, GT40's, Cobras, Shelby Mustangs and a vast array of high performance Mustangs and other Ford cars. This is a very well done DVD complete with the roar of the cars, driver interviews and a great rock and roll sound track! These are the cars and the people who have helped build this club up to where it is today and it's great footage you won't want to miss! There's even a cool shot of Tom Georgalos when his hair was dark!

Mustangs Plus is proud to be able to bring this top quality DVD to you and we know that you'll really enjoy watching it. Especially if you have ever thought about being out on the track enjoying your Mustang or other High Performance Ford at speed instead of just sitting home on the couch and dreaming about it! And, there are three ways you can get this great DVD. First is to call and order it. It's part #6805 and is just $19.95 plus shipping if you only want to purchase the DVD. Or, if you're ordering parts, order it at the same time and there will be no additional shipping charges. Or, we'll give it to you free when you buy certain parts and products. Be sure to see our ads in this edition of Restomod Magazine for details or ask your salesperson if a free Nor Cal DVD applies to you when placing your order! Of course, there is a limited supply and this offer is limited to stock on hand.

Remember, to be part of this action, you don't have a big, bad racecar or have Parnelli Jones' driving abilities! You just need to come out to Mini Nats XXVI at Thunderhill Raceway on July 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2009, and have a wonderful time! Come as a spectator and maybe you can catch a ride with us in one of the Mustangs Plus track cars! Or, make sure your Mustang is safe to drive on the track and bring it out and run it! That's what the Yellow, or beginners class, is for! (PSST! And, just so we have a little secret between you and me, I started out in the Yellow Group back in the '80's! If I hadn't, I wouldn't be doing it today!) Either way, whether you come out to drive or to spectate, it's a fun filled weekend for all! And be sure to bring the family! They'll love it! For more information, go to and check the Northern California Shelby Club website out. Tell them that Ron at Mustangs Plus sent you!

Concours Mustang Suspension Kits Now Available From Mustangs Plus

In the past few months, Mustangs Plus has had an increase in the number of our customers who are restoring their Classic Mustang back to original condition and are wanting suspension components that have the correct parts and finish on them to be considered "Factory Correct" or, by some standards, "Concours Correct". This is no small task.

Take, for instance, the upper control arm. The upper control arm for a 1964 1/2 to a 1966 Mustang that was built in San Jose had a black finish on the end of the arm that bolted to the frame. This finish stopped before the ball joint and the rest of the arm was a natural finish, meaning that it had no protection from the elements. The ball joints and arm shafts were of a particular design that is not in use today. And, the upper ball joint was riveted to the control arm, not bolted. The rivets were compressed with a stamp that left a certain pattern in the top of the rivet. These are all considerations that have to be addressed when producing a "Factory Correct" part which becomes a totally hand built product. The same holds true with the lower control arms and other components of these kits. To get this correctness, each piece is hand made to the specifications of the Mustang it is going on. This is why the cost of these kits are always so much higher than the aftermarket units which are mass produced and built 1,000's at a time.

Are you restoring an early Mustang and want to keep it as original as possible? If so, be sure to check with Mustangs Plus for the concours correct suspension products you'll need. I'll have more information on these products in the next Restomod Magazine and sales flyer. Or, simply call today and ask one of our salespeople. They're here to help you any way that they can!

Tom Bagley Celebrates 10 Years

On February 1st, 2009, Tom Bagley became one of several Mustangs Plus employees to have worked as a full time employee at Mustangs Plus for 10 straight years. All of us at Mustangs Plus wish to congratulate Tom on his accomplishment and wish him many more years!

Mustangs Plus' General Manager Bill Faull (left) presents Tom Bagley with an engraved watch marking his 10 year anniversary at Mustangs Plus. It's always rewarding, both for the employee and employer, when milestones are reached.
Although this date is Tom's anniversary date, it's not the actual date that Tom came to work at Mustangs Plus. In 1998, we needed a part time person to help us get our parts catalog out on time. We interviewed several people and one stood out as someone special; Tom Bagley. Tom is a very talented person and we hired him as a temporary person to help input information for the 1999 catalog. After the catalog was completed, Tom left for a couple of months; but, we didn't want him to get away! So, we called him back. We then hired him through the personal agency that we were using at the time. Tom fit right in and became a very important member of the advertisement team. As soon as he became eligible, we hired him on as a full time employee. That was on February 1st, 1999. So, in actuality, Tom has been with Mustangs Plus for well over 10 years.

If you read Restomod Magazine, then you've seen Tom's work. His fingerprints are all over it! As a very talented graphics designer, he takes the articles that I and others write and makes them readable. He handles all of the design work, takes many of the pictures for the parts that appear in the magazine, sales flyer and parts catalog and makes the pictures that we use of Mustangs easier to look at by removing backgrounds and other distractions that take your eye away from the Mustang which is the subject. He gives it his all on every issue of Restomod Magazine so that you can enjoy it.

Even though I've seen him pulling his hair out when deadlines rapidly approach, I know that he enjoys his work. In addition to Restomod Magazine, Tom works on every sales flyer and our parts catalog, too. We keep him busy and appreciate him as a great asset to Mustangs Plus. Tom, Thank You for your service and here's to another 10 years and more!

Come Meet the MCA's President

A fast note. Mustang Club of America president Steven McCarley will be attending the NorCal Mini Nats on July 3rd, 4th and 5th with the Mustangs Plus crew. If you're an MCA member and would like to meet the man in charge, come out and say Hello! Steven enjoys meeting MCA members and is very easy to talk to. You'll enjoy it!


Until Next Time,
Happy Restomod'n!
               -Ron Bramlett