The Mustangs Plus Story

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  In late 1984, we started construction on our new Mustangs Plus 3,000 sq. ft. showroom and 4,500 sq. ft. warehouse which we are still in today.  
      Over the years we continued to grow and today Mustangs Plus has over 30,000 sq. ft. of showroom, warehouse, office, and shop space under roof. A far cry from our original 12' x 60' office trailer that we were selling parts out of in 1982!

  My brother, David Bramlett, was a journeyman diesel mechanic for Panella Trucking, having worked there since he was 15. I had always hoped  David would join me at Mustangs Plus and he did so in October of 1985.  
      We make a good team and, although we still act like brothers once in a while, we enjoy working together.

  In early 1985, we moved into our new showroom and warehouse.

In this picture, my kids stand in front of the first Mustang to enter the Mustangs Plus showroom. From left to right: Richard, Ronda, and Ron Bramlett, Jr.

  In 1990, the old Mustangs Plus Service Center building and the attached shop we had built just a few years earlier were torn down to make way for a new 6,000 sq. ft. shop building.


Inside the Mustangs Plus showroom, we have displayed many of the Mustangs we owned and built over the years. 


Yes, we still enjoy the Mustang hobby! Although we no longer work on customer cars, we are always building Mustangs, designing parts, and making sure the parts we buy from other suppliers fit the cars correctly.  
      This picture shows our work shop where we do our R&D work, build our race cars, check out all the new products we sell, and restore our Mustangs. 


Mustangs Plus today. This is our showroom and warehouse at 2353 N. Wilson Way in Stockton, California. Stop by whenever you're in the area.

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