Grab-A-Trak® Lifetime Warranty Products

When it's time to make your Classic Mustang ride, drive and handle better thane it did when it was new, then its's time to choose Grab-A-Trak® Lifetime Suspension Products available from Mustangs Plus.

Many Different Choices Than Just Going Back to Stock

There are over 50 different Grab-A-Trak® Spring and Handling Kits available for your classic Mustang. Shown in Kit #8504. This kit includes 620 Front Coil Springs and polyurethane insulators, Performance 4-Leaf Standard Eye Rear Leaf Springs with new eye bolts. U-Bolts and shackles, a 1" Front Sway Bar and polyurethane bushings and end links, and front and rear shock absorbers with all mounting hardware.

The Super Starter Kit

Our most popular kit, the Super Starter Kit, combines Grab-A-Trak Products from many kits to create a suspension steering and handling kit that replaces all of your Mustang’s old suspension, steering and handling components. See it and it’s special price on the next page.

Designed to Look Like
the Original

Most Grab-A-Trak® Suspension Products are designed to look very much like the original suspension products used on Classic Mustangs from the factory. However, in improving them for better performance, some changes have to be made. The original finishes, which sometimes meant no finish at all, just bare metal, is different. Many Grab-A-Trak® Suspension Products, such as front coil springs, are powder coated to protect them. Sway bars are finished in coatings or platings as is the hardware that holds them to your car.

Rear leaf springs may have more leafs than stock to improve the ride and prevent sagging. Unless you’re building a 100 point concourse correct show car for show competition, this will not be noticeable to anyone but an expert. However, these changes make a big difference in how the car rides, drives and handles.

no extra holes to drill

Most Grab-A-Trak® Suspension Products are designed to replace the original factory stock suspension products by using the same factory mounting holes which are already in your Classic Mustang’s uni-body/chassis. Installation is simple. Remove the old stock suspension parts and bolt in the new Grab-A-Trak® suspension products. No drilling for original replacement parts.

Shown is part #8502. This kit includes upper and lower control arms, coil spring perches and insulator pads, polyurethane strut rod bushings and polyurethane sway bar frame mounts and end links.

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Why Grab-A-Trak®?

Better Ride
Grab-A-Trak Suspension Components are designed to give you a firmer, more controlled ride than the stock and original suspension. Spring rates are increased and the availability of 5 leaf rear leaf springs instead of the stock 4 leaf design eliminates spring sag when someone is in the back seat and over time from age.

Quicker Responding
Along with the firmer ride, larger sway bars and polyurethane bushings eliminate most of the leaning stock Mustangs do when going around corners making your Classic Mustang quicker responding and more controllable.

Safer to Drive
With the firmer suspension and quicker responding handling, your Classic Mustang is safer to drive. Improve the safety even more with the addition of an upgraded braking system, either 2-wheel (front only) or 4-wheel disc brakes, which are available from Mustangs Plus.

Time Tested, Customer Approved
This is not just a slogan, it’s the truth. Since Mustangs Plus started marketing Grab-A-Trak Suspension Products and kits in the 1990’s, thousands and thousands of Mustang owners have installed Grab-A-Trak Suspension Products on their Classic Mustangs. Fit and performance issues have long since been reported and addressed.Today you can buy with the knowledge and confidence that you will get a product that bolts on and works correctly the first time. In fact, Grab-A-Trak customers are our best advertising. Ask any of them about Grab-A-Trak.

Fine Tune For The Way You Drive
With over 50 different Grab-A-Trak Spring and Handling Kits available for your Classic Mustang, you can fine tune the way your Mustang rides and drives to suit your style of driving. Grab-A-Trak Spring and Handling Kits are available for street driving with the family, for street driving and drag racing, for street driving and road racing, or for just about any other way you chose to drive your car. Let our sales staff help you chose the Grab-A-Trak Spring and Handling Kit that is right for you!

What is Grab-A-Trak®

About Grab-A-Trak
Grab-A-Trak products are suspension related parts and products for 19641/2 to 1973 Mustangs and other Ford models which, due to their quality and craftsmanship, Mustangs Plus offers a limited lifetime warranty. Many of these Grab-A-Trak parts and products Mustangs Plus has had a role in developing and bringing to market. Mustangs Plus has sold Grab-A-Trak products officially since 1995 which means they are time tested and customer approved. If you ever have a question, you can call our tech line for any help you may need.

Buy With Confidence
All Grab-A-Trak products carry a limited lifetime warranty. When you purchase any Grab-A-Trak product, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty certificate to keep with your invoice and paperwork. In the event that any Grab-A-Trak product fails, return it to Mustangs Plus for replacement per the terms on the warranty certificate. Check out the full terms and conditions on our website at

Competitvely Priced

Grab-A-Trak Is Competitvely Priced
Grab-A-Trak Suspension Components, even when purchased individually, are priced extremely competitively with the stock type suspension components you’ll find for sale in many automotive parts stores. However, by buying Grab-A-Trak suspension kits, you’ll automatically receive a discount. Plus, you’ll have the assurance that your Grab-A-Trak Suspension Components are covered by the Grab-A-Trak limited lifetime warranty at no additional cost. Check for yourself. Grab-A-Trak is the best value for your money!

Learn more about Grab-A-Trak products at the Mustangs Plus YouTube channel below.

Available For Many Other Ford Cars
Grab-A-Trak Suspension Products are also available for many other 1960’s and 1970’s Ford models including the following:

Comet, Cougar, Elite, Fairlane, Falcon, Maverick, Meteor, Montego, LTD, Ranchero, Shelby Mustang, Torino and More!

Grab-A-Trak Works On Many Other Fords
Other Ford products share the same part numbers for their suspension components with the Classic Mustang. Those owners can also select Grab-A-Trak Suspension Products for their cars. If a Grab-A-Trak product is not available, Mustangs Plus can special order many other suspension parts for Ford products such as leaf springs, control arms, sway bars, bushings, tie rod ends, and much more. Let us see if we can help you with any Ford related project you’re working on!

Lifetime Warranty Products

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All Grab-A-Trak® are backed with a lifetime warranty.