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Featured Car EMBV51

Sort of an interesting story, I’ll try to keep it short.

There are 2 identical cars, the one on the right is a ‘65 I built in CA  in ’04-‘05 and sold in late 2006 to a now friend, in Tucson. This car I found in AZ and brought to CA to build. Then, oddly, it ended up back in AZ. Incidentally, it took a fastback trophy at your Oct. 2006 show.  I moved to the Phoenix area in 2007 and started the car on the left, a’66, which was a white 6 cyl. that I found in SF in Feb. 2009, and brought to AZ. It was finished only recently.  They’re identical except for the ’65 has a 325hp 289 and the ’66 has a 425hp 5.0. Nearly all the parts for these cars came from Mustang’s Plus.

Thanks for all the great help with these two projects.

– Ross Burnett

EMBV51 12/26/2011



Featured Car EMBV50

I am a long time fan of the old mustangs since my first car in high school was a 1969 mustang fastback. My latest project is a 1970 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland. The car was a barn find and mostly complete but in need of a lot of work, which is exactly what I wanted. I've only had the car a few weeks and so far have been focusing on cleaning up the floorboards and engine compartment. My goal is to have the car running by spring and finished by summer.

Matt K

EMBV50 12/19/2011



Featured Car EMBV48

Hi, Bob Ford here. I'm sending you a few pics of my 1970 Coupe. It just won the early Mustang class (64 1/2 to 78; 16 cars in my class, 300 total at the show) at a big Veterans Day car show benefiting the overworked Bastrop TX volunteer fire departments. I know you must have heard about the Texas wildfires; the big one that burned several thousand acres near Austin was the Bastrop fire. These guys deserved our complete support, and every class winner (27 in all) each gave their $50 cash winnings back to the firemen, but we all walked off with nice trophies for our time.

The "hoss" is a 110K mile, rust-free numbers-matching Oregon survivor and was stored for 17 yrs. of its life. I bought it in 2008 and last winter did a panel-off restoration, and rebuilt the 302W adding about 130 hp at the flywheel. The color is called "cham-beer" by my painter, as in "champagne taste with a beer budget", and is a custom version of the original Ford Medium Gold metallic. The interior is original except for the front seat covers, which were NOS, replaced over 10 years ago. Dash, carpet, headliner, and door panels all survived well. The suspension has an export brace, Monte Carlo bar, all urethane bushings, a 1" front and 7/8" rear bar, all riding on American Racing/Shelby 427Cobra FIA GT championship Hallibrand tribute wheels (18x7 F, 18x8R) shod with 40 series Z rated tires and KYB gas shocks.

My 1st car in high school was a 1970 Mustang coupe, purchased in 1972 with 16K miles for $2450! I have a bit less than ten times that amount in the current one, but it is worth every minute!

Keep the shiny side up!     - Bob For

EMBV48 12/05/2011



Featured Car EMBV47

Hey Mustangs Plus,

Just wanted to give you a big thanks for all the great parts that you supply, I have totally redone my 1966 Mustang with suspension, brake, drive line, interior, & body parts from your store. I bought the Mustang about 2 years ago and I have had many great memories working on it. This has been a very rewarding experience and hopefully I will be able to join you at one of your car shows in the near future!!


EMBV47 11/28/2011




Featured Car EMBV46

My dad bought "Betsy" in 1977 from its original owner.  He always wanted a Mustang & was so proud of it.  When he purchased "Betsy" she was orange & black & not very pretty.  Eventually his neighbor painted it white.  He drove "Betsy" everywhere.  She was his pride and joy.  He lost his eye sight at the age of 86 & he no longer could drive her. 

She sat in the garage until I came into the picture to take care of my parents in ‘07 and then I drove her everywhere.  My dad died in 09', he was 91.  I teased him that when he died, "Betsy" was going with him, but we couldn't do that because she was the only car we had and I still had to take care of my mom.

The last words my dad said to me was "it is ok if I wreck "Betsy".  Well 1½ years later I sure did wreck "Betsy". That was Oct. of 2010.  The entire right front fender was smashed. The wheel was bent & the radiator gone.  We started repairs immediately.  We replaced the right front shock tower, tie rods, sway bar, fender, plus much more.  In April we had it back on the road & was even in your car show.  We were having problems getting the hood to close and your technicians gave us suggestions on how to remedy the problem. 

We had a friend come and pull the frame.  He was able to get the hood to sit straight & close & all body lines were straight.  Then the paint job. When we primered the car, the primer paint that we used was not compatible with the paint.  The paint would not adhere.  So all the primer was sanded off & airplane paint was applied, then a base of primer applied to that & the paint held.  The clear was applied & the first coat went on great, the second coat bubbled & ran & we were having issues again!!  We finally got everything resolved & she is riding nice & pretty now. 

What makes this car so special is that we painted it the white that my dad had it.  We also had decals made to represent the Seabee's.  My dad was a WWII vet and other than "Betsy" the next best thing he cared about was the men fighting for our country.  I wanted his love for his country to be displayed as well.  Inside the seats were recovered and I had the upholster stitch in my dads initials, the year he was born, 1917 & the year he died, 2009.  The headliner was replaced, but other than that everything else is all original. 

The pony on the hood was the painter's idea & I think it looks great and definitely adds to the one of a kind look.  I think my dad would be very proud of his "Betsy" now.  I know that my husband who has spent many hours working on it with no knowledge of body work or anything like that has done a wonderful job & shares my dads pride in it as well.  This car is a part of our family history.  We have had so many friends help us with it at no charge just because it was my dad's.  Also we have had such great help from all of your staff when ordering parts and answering questions. 
Thank you for taking the time & reading about "Betsy", and how special one Mustang is to a family.  She will always stay with this family, my dad will always be remembered & hopefully your readers will know about her too.


EMBV46 11/21/2011



Featured Car EMBV44

Hi Jeff

I have sent you two pic’s in the e-mail before this one

I’ve had this ‘69 GT coupe for 6 years it has a 302w , c4 transmission ,with lots of extras to many too mention

Thought I’d try my luck, maybe you’d be interested in publishing my ride in your

Richie Richards
Cape Town, South Africa

EMBV44 11/07/2011



Featured Car EMBV42

Bruce Hanson

EMBV42 10/24/2011



Featured Car EMBV41


Here is my 1966 convertible that I bought in August last year. It was imported to Sweden mid 90th and has had around 5 owners since then. A new trunk mat is already in and I have purchased complete new Pony upholstery with carpets and all from Mustangs Plus that I will install during the winter. But first I will change the rear springs since we are not able to travel with the whole family since the tires hit the fenders. 

It will continue to be a rolling restoration and next to the agenda after the interior are new Style Steel Wheels and an upgrade of the engine compartment and conversion so I can run on lead free ga


Lars Svensson



EMBV41 10/17/2011



Featured Car EMBV40

Hi there and good morning,

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit your fine shop a few months back while working down in Stockton as a Consultant for Catholic Healthcare West and St. Joseph's Hospital. I stay at the Hilton off of West March Lane so I came by and got a tour one afternoon like in March or April. I really liked what I saw and was given the tour by Sharon and your shop’s Chihuahua mascot.

Anyhow, I saw on your e-mail that you are taking photos of Mustangs for your car corral online and I wanted to participate. I know my Shelby GT is a newer Mustang, but I wanted to share some pictures as it is a beautiful car with some super cool mods.

2008 Shelby GT

• 0270 out of 3400 manufactured in 2008

• 5-Speed Manual w/ Hurst Shifter

• Stock 4.6L Engine

• Terlingua Black Grille w/ chromed "SHELBY" letters

• Red Racing Stripes on front fenders courtesy of John Farmer

• Silverhorse Billet Aluminum Fuel Door

• APR Performance Carbon Fiber Splitter on the front

• APR Performance Carbon Fiber Wing on the deck lid

• Cervini's Faux Quarter Window Scoops

• Only 4,500 Miles

I will be back down in Stockton shortly for more CHW work so I will be sure to drop in again for another visit!

Thanks so much - Dana

EMBV40 10/10/2011



Featured Car EMBV39


This is my 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible. It’s Wimbledon white with red and white leather interior.

Features include a 289 V8 with 3 speed cruisomatic, Eaton power steering, Konis performance leaf and coil springs, SSBC disks front, drums rear, power booster Edelbrock carb, intake manifold, fuel pump, air cleaner, valve covers Flowmaster interior all leather: dash, door panels, front and rear seats, kick panels, quarter parts, cup holder, sunvisors, top cover radio USA 630 many chrome and billet parts e.g. alternator, radiator, window cranks, parking brake handle, fan & shroud, export brace, monte carlo bar etc trunk area fully carpeted, subwoofer

I bought it in June 2010 in the Netherlands, before that it lived in California. I love ride my pony almost every day, except in bad weather. J

Dr. Thomas Schall

67547 Worms, Germany

EMBV39 10/03/2011



Featured Car EMBV38

Hi Mustangs Plus,

My name is Don Koepp here are the photos of my 1966 Mustang convertible… 289 C code, named Sugar.  My car is located in Cambria CA. Hope to see the photos published some day.

EMBV38 9/26/2011



Featured Car EMBV37


My Mustang 66, from USA, now in Denmark.

Hilsen/ best regards
Benny Jensen

EMBV37 9/19/2011



Featured Car EMBV33

Hi guys,

It took close to 4 years to complete this ‘68 Fastback restomod. Many, many parts came from Mustang Plus. It turned out very nice and it is a real eye catcher. Has been in Mustang Monthly and Mustangs and Ford Magazine.
It’s a lot of fun to cruise around town in.

- David Skelton
EMBV33 8/22/2011



Featured Car EMBV32

1966 GT A Code

- Tony Calvillo

EMBV32 8/15/2011



Featured Car EMBV29

This is my 1999 GT equipped with a five speed transmission, lowered all around with 8 inch chromed wheels in the front and 10 inch on the rear, has an x pipe with SLP exhaust with Magnaflow glass packs, the sound is awesome!

- Steve

EMBV29 7/25/2011



Featured Car EMBV28

Hey guys,

Here's a little history behind this beast.

Based on the 1969 Shelby Mustang.  The Frame is manufactured by NASCAR engineering houses and offers the same performance, safety and design of the race cars.  The Shelby type body panels are manufactured with Innegra Carbon (Think F-35 Joint Strike Fighter) with additional wheel flares, giving the XL1 an extra muscular appearance.

• Limited Production (only 99 units)

• Custom NASCAR Racing Chassis & Suspension

• Custom Roush/Yates Engines

• Custom Interior

• F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Composites used on Hood, Rear Deck, Quarter Extension,  Fenders and Dash Components

• Trunk Mounted Fuel Cell, Battery and Nitrous encased by Racing Frame

I enjoy your E-Blasts and especially the how-to video's. Please keep it up. You're doing a great job!

Rik Holliday

EMBV28 7/18/2011



Featured Car EMBV27

This is my 1969 Mach 1 which I purchased in 1978 when I was 15 years old. I was not old enough to drive, and bought it off the second owner. The car was on my paper route and I would spend a half hour when I came to that house, just drooling over it. When the previous owner ordered a brand new Ford 4x4 short box, he offered me first chance at the car. I had saved $2,200 dollars by then to buy a car. The price was $3,100 Canadian (so I was short). My father is a ford nut, so he took me to the bank, without my mother's knowledge, and co-signed for the loan. My payments were $100.00 a month. Luckily I had 3 jobs. We hid it at my father's shop up until the day my mother busted us. The stereo shop called regarding a unit that I had ordered. Her response was, "my son is only 15, not old enough to drive, he does not have a car"! She did finally get over it, and dad was in the dog house. I should mention that I was also a bit wild at that age, and she was worried regarding me getting my license and crashing. I did not crash it, God only knows why. Ran it hard.

This car has not seen rain since I purchased it in 1978 and has just passed 110,000 original miles. Factory fold down back seat that I thought was pretty cool at 16. The interior is stock and mint. Carpets replaced. I did redo all the running gear in the car. When I found out the engine was not original and it was time for a rebuild, it was beefed up to suite my needs. 351 W, original rebuilt 4speed. Added the 9 inch posi,373 gears, nitrous, frame stabilizers, stainless steel exhaust, ect. It dyno's at 449 to the rears before a nitro shot. Will enjoy to the end. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Randy Forrest


British Columbia


EMBV27 7/11/2011



Featured Car EMBV26

Mark Hayes

When I was 15 my brothers mate had a 66 fast back that was black with a gold stripe which put me in awe as a young fella. From that day I dreamed about one day owning my own mustang . When I seen the move Bullitt as young man it just fuelled my desire to one day afford a car like Steve McQueen’s in the move Bullitt. Over the years I have had books and models just to look at until last year.

In October 2010 I was looking  at a web site that a friend of mine owns to whom brings the exotic cars into Australia. At that point I was dreaming at the car and thinking ,what a nice car. However in November I flew over to Vegas and attended SEMA and could not believe my eyes on what Americans drive around compared to Australia ( we are a small Village compared to the U.S ).

On our return I kept looking at the web site and the 68 Mustang fast back was still there, and I decided to have a look . My best mate went and checked it over and bought it down to my office and I knew what he was up to, steering me in the direction to his words you have been wishing for years ,just buy it, so I did. My wife has complained to me that it was a mid life crisis and my response is to this date that I must have had a mid life crisis at 15. Every weekend  when I go for a drive in her I still get excited and if you wish hard enough and try it will come true.


EMBV26 7/4/2011



Featured Car EMBV25

We purchased our first Mustang in 1972, a 1966 3-speed 6 cylinder coupe. It was stolen in Nov. of 1973 in Los Angeles. We used the insurance money from that car to buy the one I still have, a 1968 4-speed 289 coupe. We are the third owners of this car. It was my father's daily driver until his passing in 2002. I inherited the car and have been the proud driver since 2003.

I have rebuilt the engine, 1967 302 block .030 over, Comp Cams roller cam kit, Edelbrock heads and carb, dual exhaust w/ stock mufflers. A real goer but a sleeper. I've also upgraded the four wheel drum brakes to discs with 1967 stock parts. I added Vintage Air conditioning and a Kenwood tape-deck, old school looks but good sound. All new suspension and new 15" styled steel rims running B.F. Goodrich T/A tires. I've started on the interior, Dynamat and insulation along with new carpet just last month. Next step is to start on the dashboard and doors.

I hope you enjoyed the story of my Mustang, it will be mine forever!

Dan Mensinger

EMBV25 6/27/2011



Featured Car EMBV24


My name is Brown and I belong to Tony and Teresa Paulek in Springfield, Ill. I am a 1973 MACH I and I have gotten around in my 38 years. The first 100,000 miles was as a daily driver but now I just go to shows and cruises. I look concours but hidden from view are several modifications. Electric Fuel Injection, AOD transmission, and gas shocks just to name a few.

- Hope to see everyone in Des Moines Iowa in August!

EMBV24 6/20/2011


Featured Car EMBV23

Hello Mustangers,

Just wanted to update you on our road trip to Jacksonville, FL over the weekend.  It was about 750 miles one way from our home in Kentucky.  For the first time in many years, not a drop of rain fell on the trip going or coming home.  It was hot, around 95 degrees all the time we were there.  The trip was worthwhile, our ‘66 Convertible scored another First place in MD class, Modified trailered.  Mustangsplus was well represented!

Thanks for all of your help,

- Mike and Becky Golliver

Alvaton, KY

EMBV23 6/13/2011


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