Reprinted from Restomod Magazine, Summer 2009
Text by Ron Bramlett
Photos by Ron Bramlett and Head-On Photos

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In-Car Videos

We arrived at Thunderhill Raceway just before 4pm. The Cobra Bash was going on so there were all kinds of Cobras and Cobra kit cars zooming around the track. It didn't take log before we heard the squeal of tires and saw a cloud of dust off of one of the turns. "They've been doing that all day!", one of my friends who was there said to me. Shortly after 5pm, we were allowed into the track. By this time, our little group included myself, Mustang Club of America Club President Steve McCarley who had flown in from Atlanta, Georgia, mine and Cindy's oldest son, Ron Bramlett Jr., his wife, Susan, and their son, Ronan who had flown in from their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our good friends (and Susan's parents) Randy and Debbie Revillar, their son, Scott, and Mustangs Plus' General Manager, Bill Faull. More were coming but hadn't gotten there yet. It wasn't crazy time, but it was close!

The Mustangs Plus pits were set up on the corner right next to the entrance to the race track. A great place where it was easy to get our 7 cars on and off the track and be seen by everybody.

Knowing we had parts to display, 7 or 8 Mustangs to run on the track and show in the show, Anna Lewellen, the editor of Driven, the Nor Cal Shelby Club's newsletter, met us at the front gate and said she had the perfect spot for the Mustangs Plus entourage to set up. She then escorted us to a great place right at the track entrance where there was electrical power and shade. Such a deal! Thanks, Anna!

We spent then spent next hour trying to figure out how to set everything up. We finally settled on where and how to park all the trailers and played musical trucks for a while. But in the end, everything worked out. We got all of the Mustangs out of the trailers, got them over to the tech station and got all our stickers for the next days run group. By the time we got all this done, found something to eat and made it back to the hotel, it was almost 9pm. We agreed to meet the next morning at 6am for breakfast so I gave the front desk a wake up call request for 5am. The hours we get up at to have fun!

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