What Mustangs Plus' Customers,
are Saying About Mustangs Plus!

From time to time we receive calls or e-mails from our customers telling
us how happy they are with the parts they've bought from us. We, of course,
like to share these with you when we can and hope you will send us your
stories to share with others too!

How to use this comment library:

Click on any customer name in the left column to see a photo of their car
and the comments they wrote to us!

Okay, how do I submit an image of my car
that Mustangs Plus helped me build/create?

We recommend that you take a nice photo of you and your car and write
down a little information like the folks did listed here. What ya got, what ya
did, and what'da'ya know... you could be up here a few weeks!

There's two ways you can send us your testimonials, via mail or email.

Put a nice photo or two along with written/ typed information describing
your car and how Mustangs Plus helped you into an envelope. Then slap
on the appropriate postage and send it to:

Mustangs Plus
c/o Customer Corral
2353 N. Wilson Way
Stockton, CA 95205


Send us an email with the text being information describing your car
and how Mustangs Plus has helped. Then attach a .jpg image of your
car along with the email. Please remember that we don't need a GIANT
image file. The image file size should not be greater than 100K, since
larger files may get kicked out of the web server and not received!

Just for piece of mind, all emails will get a return confirmation that we
got it and are working on it. Please remain patient, these perks take
some time to create, and we'll get those cars online as soon as we can!

Send photos & info to this link:  CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS