We, Roger and Jeni, are members of the Taranaki Branch of the New Zealand Mustang Club.

    We have 3 Mustangs: a 1966 6-Cylinder Notchback, a 1966 289 Convertible, and a 1972 351 Mach I. We found Mustangs Plus through a friend who visited them whilst in the USA and brought us a brochure. We’ve bought parts for all these cars to improve them, but the convertible (which we imported from LA) has been totally rebuilt using parts solely from Mustangs Plus. The service is super quick, nothing is a problem or too much trouble and they have never failed to find us a part. We must drive them nuts at times, but you need a relationship like this when you are on the other side of the world.

Thank you to the team at Mustangs Plus, and if any of you are ever “down under”, please get in touch.

Roger & Jeni       New Zeland