Hi There!

    I would like to thank you for all the help in getting my Mustangs Plus Kits to me here in Sweden. People ask me why I order from you when I can get most of these parts in Sweden and save some money on freight
costs. Well, that is because the best cars deserve the best parts, and Mustangs Plus has the best parts.

    I recently attended the Big Power Meet 2000 and thought I could share some pictures from this 3-day event. There were about 150 Mustangs out of about 10,000 cars total. In this picture I am showing off my 4V 351C. I took the trophy for Second Wildest Mustang.

    Lots of people asked me where I got that nice T-shirt. I will be needing more parts from you too. Besides the 70 Coupe in the picture, I also have a 66 Coupe and a 69 Coupe.

Keep up the good work! You will be hearing from me soon!

Regards,  Patrik Figrell    Sweden