Mustang Sally           OWNER: Michael Rossa

Mustang Sally is her name. I adopted her back in 1974. Hang on for the ride! Stock was ok, but customized is the way to go! As you see her today, the body modifications are: car lowered two inches, fiberglass mold on fender/quarter panel flares, fiberglass trunk lid with spoiler and
matching fender extensions. The R-Model front apron is a reproduction of the 65-66 GT350 racing apron with a large radiator opening for extra cooling, also ducting for cooling off front brakes. Functional pro stock
hood scoop delivers maximum airflow to the engine. 1971 Cuda hood locks and a rear valance with custom louvers.

ONCE A HARDTOP, NOW A CONVERTIBLE! The open air cruiser installation: nine piece laser cut quarter inch steel assembly was welded into place to re-enforce the floorpan. It strengthened the inner sills
& front/rear seat boxes, this joins them all together to form a steel tunnel.

Torque boxes (3x6) were welded to the inner wheelwells behind the fron tires, joining the front of the rocker boxes to the front subframe. A pair of 2" thick-walled square tubes. Frame rails connect the front subframe to the rear subframe. 3 Point roll bar.

The convertible top was installed in 1995. Mustang Sally is powered by a V-8 engine with 302 cubic inches of galloping power - 400 ponies to be exact! The motor is connected to a NHRA Lakewood bellhousing
(centerforce clutch), should it ever decide to throw a shoe.

"Horse Talk": horse shoed up to a Ford toploader 4-speed Hurst competition short throw shifter. Racing driveshaft with two Lakewood safety drivesaft loops (front and back). Drive shaft connected up to a Ford Posi 8" inch with 3.55 gears. Leaf springs hold Sally in place with Cal Track fully adjustable racing traction bars with Koni shocks. Behind her rear end lies a 16 gallon Fuel Safe racing fuel cell, filled with racing oats - 114 octane!

Wheels: American 5-spoke Torque Thrust D's, fully polished aluminum. Front wheels14" x 7", rear wheels 15" x 8". Front tires 215/60 HR14 and rear tires 265/50 HR15.

Her Saddle (interior): we used the finest upholstery available today. Sally's exterior reveals a thick coat of lacquer (28 years young), accompanied by yellow and red flames.

Her Rear (exterior details): A blacksmith (workmanship by Marlin Premo) designed to Billet aluminum tail lamp bezels, which compliments the aluminum Cobra fuel cap.

Sally's last touch is a custom exhaust system (Sanderson Shorty nickel plated headers) with 3" collectors and 2" crossover. Hooker areo chamber mufflers 2" inlet with 3" outlet (stainless steel exhaust tips)
complete her package!

NOTE! Michael Rossa regularly attends Mustangs Plus car shows, so if you would like a closer look at his Mustang Sally, be sure to make it to our next show!