1965 1966 Mustang Global West Upper Control Arms
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1965 1966 Mustang Global West Upper Control Arms

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Global West Super Duty Upper Control Arms replace the standard Mustang upper control arm with a tubular steel design. Developed in 1982 for the Mustang enthusiast who wants to increase cornering ability without sacrificing ride, this negative roll system provides the proper camber curves required by manufacturers of today’s tires and permits the use of moderate spring rates, even under extreme race conditions! These arms are shorter than stock, the ball joint angles are changed, and special bushings and shafts are utilized to provide peak performance. You will need to relocate the mounting points of your upper control arms using the template provided to properly install these arms.

The primary goal of a well designed suspension system is to keep as much of the tire patch in contact with the pavement, through any given situation (especially corners).
Global West's tubular upper control arm geometry kit (NEGATIVE ROLL SYSTEM) does exactly that. How? By changing the length of the upper control arm and lowering the upper pivot point just the right amount, we are able to change your Mustang's handling characteristics from a understeering nightmare to a slot car on rails.
How can this easy swap make such a dramatic change? Standard Mustang front suspension systems lean the top of the tire out of the fender during corning. This in turn lifts the inside edge of the tire off the pavement, decreasing the tire contact patch. This accounts for your Mustang's increased outside tire wear and poor handling characteristics(understeer). Simply stated understeer is when the car enters a corner and continues to go straight rather than negotiating the turn.
Global West's Negative Roll System changes your Mustang's geometry and handling characteristics by increasing the amount of tire that stays in contact with the pavement through the corner. Our suspension system tilts the inside edge of the tire down on to the pavement rather than allowing it to lift. This keeps the tire contact patch flat on the pavement, improves tire wear, and provides greater control at higher cornering speeds.

Global West's control arms are by far your best investment for your suspension.

Benefits and features:
  1. We take the guess work out of Mustang handling woes with correct length upper control arms. Fixed length control arms provide predictable handling characteristics over variable length upper control arms.
  2. Round tube construction provides superior strength over standard stamped steel control arms.
  3. Corrected ball joint angles are mandatory and considered a standard feature.
  4. Upper tubular control arms have a limited life time warranty, (aslong as you own your car) racing or not!
  5. Billet cross shafts are standard components and also warranted.
  6. Del-a-lum control arm bushings are considered to be the ultimate suspension bushing. Zero bind, zero deflection, fully grease able, and have a life time warranty (As long as you own your car).
  7. An upper control arm relocation template is provided for easy measuring.
  8. Upper ball joints are furnished with hardware.
  9. Arms are pre-assembled and lubricated with synthetic grease.
  10. Upper arms are powder coated gloss black.
  11. Alignment information is included, which any alignment shop can handle.

When you order a Negative Roll System both upper control arms are pre-assembled. The upper arms are supplied with billet upper control arm shafts, Del-a-lum control arm bushings, upper ball joints, upper arm relocation template, and instructions. In order to install one of our systems simply bolt the template in the control arm hole location (with the control arm removed) and center punch the shock tower, remove the template and drill the new holes. Do the same to the other side and that's it! The rest just bolts together as a stock system. (NOTE: Del-a-lum bushings average life span is 120,000 miles. Del-a-lum bushings used in this location will outlive any spherical bearing , aircraft rod end, or factory bushing / shaft assembly).

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